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an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece

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For example, he noted that under the Amphictyonic League, each Greek city sent two deputies to the central government, that the members of the League were bound by oath to defend each other, that the central government was responsible for deciding conflicts between the members, had the authority to enforce its decrees with military power, and so forth.
Consider one example of the ways in which the Articles of Confederation committed the same mistakes as the ancient Amphictyonic League. Under the Articles, the Congress had no power to implement its own orders.
19.39 and 334).(25) The purpose of Philip was to ensure the collaboration of the Thessalian League in bringing the Sacred War to an end and the full support of the representatives of the Thessalians and the neighbouring 'tribes' on the Council of the Amphictyonic League, which (he foresaw) would decide the fate of Phocis.
A colleague of the Phocian general Philomelus, he led the Phocian withdrawal from central Greece after the Boeotians and the Amphictyonic Council defeated them at Neon (late 354); appointed commander in chief after Philomelus' death, he used the Delphic treasury to hire mercenaries and to buy the support of Lycophron of Pherae (near Velestinon); campaigned successfully in Locris, Doria, and Boeotia at the head of a large army (353); made alliances with Sparta, Athens, Corinth, and Achaea; defeated and killed by Philip II of Macedon, champion of the Amphictyonic League, at the battle of Volo (352).