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a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed-unstressed syllables (e

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x/ (2) I have tried to activate two rhythmic impulses, the ionic (xx//) and the amphibrachic (x/x).
Poem 24, 'Posleslovie k basne', is a mock-fable stylistically similar to Poem 17, but it uses amphibrachic trimeter, again in the most common stanza form of Russian poetry.
Chapter 1 deals with poems composed of masculine-rhymed amphibrachic tetrameter couplets.
Furthermore, all meters can be scanned as iambic if you take enough trouble, making notions of anapestic, trochaic, dactylic, amphibrachic, or other meters unnecessary.
There are hardly any inaccuracies--I take it that 'dactylic' on page 64 should read 'amphibrachic', and it would be helpful to know that the reference on page 60 to 'bar 105' concerns the finale, not the first movement.