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a metamorphic rock composed chiefly of amphibole and plagioclase

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This is based on the following evidences: Field relations between the different lithotypes of metabasites reflect the occurrence of a prograde metamorphism, which is manifested by an increase of metamorphism from the greenschist facies (chlorite and actinolite schists with or without garnet, and metabasalts) to the amphibolite facies (amphibolites with or without garnet).
The first one corresponds to amphibolite facies (Figure 3e), defined by hornblende + plagioclase [+ or -] garnet [+ or -] quartz.
4) RA(PP) = Prehnite-Actinolite (Prehnite-Pumpellyite) subfacies; RA = Prehnite-Actinolite facies; GS = Greenschist facies; AMPH= Amphibolite facies (abbreviations from Miyazaki and Okumura (2002)).
Metamorphic grade in the Duquet and Fagnant belts (and in the core of the Qalluviartuuq-Payne belt) is at green-schist or lower amphibolite facies, with P and T conditions as low as about 525[degrees]C and 3 kbar (Percival and Skulski 2000; Ciesielski 2000; Madore et al.
Based on petrographic and geochemical similarities, the North Estonian amphibolite facies rocks were believed to belong to a section of Svecofennian rocks cropping out in southern Finland.
These rocks comprise mylonitic peridotite and sub-ophiolitic metamorphic rocks that range from garnetiferous amphibolites facies to amphibolite facies to greenschist facies and un- metamorphosed sediments.
The Emily gold showing comprises gold mineralization in leucogabbro, associated with disseminated pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite in upper amphibolite facies, deformed gneisses of the Early Proterozoic Kisseynew gneiss belt.
Kaghan eclogites underwent exhumation to amphibolite facies and were likely emplaced above previously deformed and metamorphosed Swat rocks circa 47 Ma (Wilke et al.
The data obtained revealed that high-temperature and moderate-pressure amphibolite facies conditions dominated in the Tallinn and Alutaguse zones.
39] studies of these rocks record episodic deformation and varying degrees of metamorphism up to lower amphibolite facies, and a protracted history of mafic magma injection from a similar source beginning in the Early Silurian.
Regionally, the prospective stratigraphy consists of metasedimentary rocks including quartzo-feldspathic gneiss, amphibolite gneiss, calc-silicate gneiss and marble, metamorphosed to upper amphibolite facies, associated with pegmatities" (Walton, 1996).
The ADD is a west dipping, north-south striking shear zone that juxtaposes upper amphibolite facies migmatitic gneiss in the hanging wall with granulite facies migmatitic gneiss in the footwall.
It was initially metamorphosed to lower amphibolite facies and was later retrograded to lower greenschist facies.
The belt hosts a major northeast trending regional structure with a strike length in excess of 200 kilometres, and is comprised of a sequence of Birimian upper greenschist to amphibolite facies metamorphic rocks and locally foliated metasedimentary (CME,1997) with minor metavolcanic rocks.