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a metamorphic rock composed chiefly of amphibole and plagioclase

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The first one corresponds to amphibolite facies (Figure 3e), defined by hornblende + plagioclase [+ or -] garnet [+ or -] quartz.
(4) RA(PP) = Prehnite-Actinolite (Prehnite-Pumpellyite) subfacies; RA = Prehnite-Actinolite facies; GS = Greenschist facies; AMPH= Amphibolite facies (abbreviations from Miyazaki and Okumura (2002)).
Metamorphic grade in the Duquet and Fagnant belts (and in the core of the Qalluviartuuq-Payne belt) is at green-schist or lower amphibolite facies, with P and T conditions as low as about 525[degrees]C and 3 kbar (Percival and Skulski 2000; Ciesielski 2000; Madore et al.
Based on petrographic and geochemical similarities, the North Estonian amphibolite facies rocks were believed to belong to a section of Svecofennian rocks cropping out in southern Finland.
The rocks are metamorphosed at amphibolite facies by T = 470-580 [degrees]C, P = 4.9-5.4 kbar (Smol'kin, 1992).
Romer & Wright (1992) investigated one columbite sample in the contact aureole of a Paleoproterozoic granite that was subjected to a Caledonian upper greenschist to lower amphibolite facies regional metamorphic overprint and this columbite displayed only partial resetting during Caledonian metamorphism.
The sole rocks consist of mylonitic peridotite and sub-ophiolitic metamorphic rock series grading from (garnet-bearing) amphibolite facies to greenschist facies.
Rock samples of amphibolite facies were selected from the bottom (8718-11383 m depth) of SG-3, Table 1.
The data obtained revealed that high-temperature and moderate-pressure amphibolite facies conditions dominated in the Tallinn and Alutaguse zones.
Petrographic, geochemical, and [[blank].sup.40] [AR/.sup.39] studies of these rocks record episodic deformation and varying degrees of metamorphism up to lower amphibolite facies, and a protracted history of mafic magma injection from a similar source beginning in the Early Silurian.