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a mineral or mineral variety belonging to the amphibole group

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Lung burdens of talc and its amphibole contaminants are markers of exposure to talc-containing dusts.
Amphiboles in scapolite metagabbros were produced during fluid infiltration into the dry protolith gabbro [20, 29].
Amphibolite contains a lot of metamorphic minerals such as biotite and amphibole. In this connection, it is interesting to find out how a varying degree of metamorphic reworking affects the physical properties of rocks.
IMA report--Nomenclature of the amphibole super group.
Although the predominant part of asbestos used in East Germany was chrysotile asbestos and amphiboles were hardly used in East Germany, some participants might have been exposed to amphiboles that might be responsible for some of the observed effects.
EPA 2014c), was the site of a former mine that produced vermiculite contaminated with a mixture of asbestiform amphiboles, including winchite, richterite, and tremolite asbestos (Meeker et al.
Kaersutite and pargasite are amphiboles typical of alkaline basic rocks and metasomatised mantle xenoliths and their formation occurs early during the crystallization process (e.g.
The classification of amphiboles is based on the composition of the standard amphibole formula [AB.sub.2] [sup.IV][C.sub.5][sup.IV][T.sub.8][[O.sub.2].sub.2] [(OH).sub.2].
The vermiculite was contaminated with various fibrous minerals known as amphiboles, including two types of asbestos.
Brownfield et al., "The composition and morphology of amphiboles from the Rainy Creek complex, near Libby, Montana," American Mineralogist, vol.
The greater pathogenicity associated with amphiboles is attributed to the rigidity of its fibers more likely to be more aerodynamic and deposit in the gas exchange regions of the lungs where many penetrate the pulmonary intersti-tium.
These clasts are essentially ophiolitic consisting of serpentine, olivine, pyroxenes, plagioclase and amphiboles with minor of cherty made up of microquartz and mega quartz.