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a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water

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BAE Systems has more than 70 years of experience designing and building amphibious vehicles and is a leading provider of combat vehicles, having produced more than 100,000 systems for customers worldwide.
Dubai: It looks and drives just like a regular offroader, the only thing the amphibious vehicle Panther does differently is that it glides on water as well as takes on dunes.
However, new safety protocols are currently being drawn up to govern the operation of amphibious vehicles used for tours, potentially paving the way for Duckmarine-style vehicles to operate again if they pass the new standards.
As far as capabilities that are at risk of atrophy or perhaps disappearing altogether, the Marine Corps' amphibious vehicles fit that description, he said.
Japan plans to spend on anti-missile destroyers, a number of amphibious vehicles, surveillance drones, US fighter planes and Boeing Osprey aircraft, all capable of retaking the Islands.
His fellowship-funded project includes a study of how and where rip currents are formed and how they change, which has ready implications for public safety as well as for defense interests, such as deploying troops from amphibious vehicles.
We have mobilized rescue teams with rubber boats and amphibious vehicles in low-lying areas submerged in one to two meter deep flood waters caused by heavy rains in the last 24 hours," Golez said.
Crews will be able to use the all-terrain vehicles, called argocats, which are eight-wheeled amphibious vehicles designed to negotiate inaccessible mountainous areas and capable of negotiating deep water.
Unlike military amphibious vehicles, which can only drive on a lakebed, the sQuba travels like a submarine--either on the surface or submerged up to ten metres.
The San Antonio-class amphibious transports are used to transport, and land Marines, their equipment and supplies by embarked air cushion or conventional landing craft or amphibious vehicles, augmented by helicopters or vertical take off and landing aircraft in amphibious assault, special operations, or expeditionary warfare missions.
Operation Overlord, the codename for the invasion, was years in the making but the development schedule of "gators" or amphibious vehicles was always an integral part.
The Marines continue to invest in amphibious vehicles that have not been used in an opposed assault for decades with the result that not only has their leadership been undermined, but they wasted millions of dollars that could have been used to support other areas that needed to grow--areas that are strategic in nature.
ARIS, based at Lombarore, near Turin, specialises in designing and making amphibious vehicles, four-wheel drive vehicles, tractors and trailers.