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Synonyms for amphibian

a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water

an airplane designed to take off and land on water

relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia


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We gather at a spot where we know the amphibians will be crossing the road to reach the water.
Pit falls with drift fences were also used for collection of amphibians and reptiles of the study area (Baig et al.
The fungus seemed unable to attack frogs, toads or legless snake-shaped amphibians called caecilians.
The study suggested that certain groups of amphibians might have swum long distances from one landmass to another within the past few million years.
These findings suggest that California amphibians may benefit from innate predator avoidance response in areas where the African clawed frog has invaded but further research exploring the predation rates and disease transmission potential of the clawed frog is necessary to more fully evaluate the potential impacts of this invasive species on native amphibians.
Our objective was to use the commercial value of amphibians to estimate the value of a single isolated wetlands based on the number of amphibians it supports and produces annually.
com)-- Reptiles magazine, an I-5 Publishing publication and the world's leading magazine devoted to reptile and amphibian care and other information, announces the launch of its new website, ReptilesMagazine.
To date, the limited data on the occurrence of amphibians in BC north of 57[degrees]N (Matsuda and others 2006) have been applied subjectively and inconsistently in the compilation of range maps (Stebbins 2003; Jones and others 2005; Corkran and Thorns 2006) based on historical knowledge (for example, Hodge 1976), naturalist accounts and reports, and observation records from a database maintained by the Conservation Data Centre of the BC Ministry of Environment.
Emodin is toxic to amphibian embryos and can stop hatching.
For many years, scientists have been noticing a severe decline in amphibians around the world.
Given the increasing popularity of reptiles and amphibians as pets, reptile- and amphibian-associated salmonellosis is a substantial public health concern (5).
SHOPPERS can learn more about amphibians and wild flowers when they visit Teesside Park.
Gibbs Amphibians introduced the Phibian in early February at an event preceding the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) annual conference.
STAFF at Dudley Zoo are making one giant leap for frogkind by supporting a global campaign aimed at saving the world's amphibians.
Quite a few such species are in the UAE like the Socotran cormorant, the Arabian tahr, the Arabian oryx, the Arabian leopard, dugongs and the Hawksbill turtle, as well as many other types of reptiles, fishes, amphibians and invertebrates.