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a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water

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So-called "amtrac" crews are responsible for driving and maintaining assault amphibian vehicles. A rifle company that was preparing to deploy to Okinawa, Japan, joined the exercise to become familiar with ship-to-shore movements and shipboard life as it relates to amtracs, Spiese said.
The AAAV is being built to replace the Corps' 20-year-old Assault Amphibian Vehicle (AAV7A1), which is slower, lighter armed and less protected than the new model, Marine officials said.
Pure Force has 9 fire trucks, 5 ambulances, 2 rubber boats, 1 amphibian vehicle, 1 rescue truck, and 1 helicopter ready for liftoff 24/7 in the domestic airport.
Gibbs Amphibians (Gibbs) is establishing a strategic partnership with the Madaeen Al Doha Group for the supply and assembly of the Gibbs Humdinga amphibian vehicles.
However, the state is yet to implement its big plan to install 6,000 CCTV cameras around Mumbai even as the coastal security of patrol boats and amphibian vehicles is in a pathetic state.
Yesterday morning, the floodwaters in Barangay Damayang Lagi reached thigh-high, and Marines and Coast Guard rescuers had to use amphibian vehicles and rubber boats to ferry people across Araneta Avenue and E.
The equipment include amphibian vehicles, mobile warning siren systems and rubber boats in addition to ordinary rescue and evacuation machinery," he said.
The exmilitary amphibian vehicles are a regular sight around Boston.
The company plans to begin volume production of its high-speed amphibian vehicles in the United States within the next three years.
The number of officers by service (and their specialties) include: Army, 1,413 (infantry, armor, artillery, air defense artillery, aviation, special operations, and combat engineers); Navy, 1,461 (surface, submariner, aviation, sea-air-land, and special operations); Marine Corps, 492 (infantry, tanks/assault amphibian vehicles, artillery, air control/air support, anti-air warfare, aviation, and engineers), and Air Force, 2,179 (pilot, navigator, command/control operations, and space/missile operations).