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a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water

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for the supply and delivery of ten (10) units Small Amphibian Vehicle for the Philippine Marine Corps with a corresponding contract price of Sixty Six Million Eight Hundred Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Four Pesos and 90/100 (P66,816,934.
So-called "amtrac" crews are responsible for driving and maintaining assault amphibian vehicles.
Last week Sir Richard Branson also marked the occasion by successfully setting a new Guinness World Record for completing the fastest crossing of the English Channel in an amphibian vehicle in a Gibbs Aquada.
Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Atlantic, said: "The first time I saw the Gibbs Aquada it really captured my imagination, not only in terms of the exciting British technology involved in creating a true amphibian vehicle, but also thinking about the fun events and World Records we could attempt with it.
However, the state is yet to implement its big plan to install 6,000 CCTV cameras around Mumbai even as the coastal security of patrol boats and amphibian vehicles is in a pathetic state.
The equipment include amphibian vehicles, mobile warning siren systems and rubber boats in addition to ordinary rescue and evacuation machinery," he said.
The exmilitary amphibian vehicles are a regular sight around Boston.
The company plans to begin volume production of its high-speed amphibian vehicles in the United States within the next three years.
The number of officers by service (and their specialties) include: Army, 1,413 (infantry, armor, artillery, air defense artillery, aviation, special operations, and combat engineers); Navy, 1,461 (surface, submariner, aviation, sea-air-land, and special operations); Marine Corps, 492 (infantry, tanks/assault amphibian vehicles, artillery, air control/air support, anti-air warfare, aviation, and engineers), and Air Force, 2,179 (pilot, navigator, command/control operations, and space/missile operations).
Since the early 1980s, invasive pickleweed has been controlled through annual "mud ops" maneuvers by Marine Corps Assault Amphibian Vehicles (AAVs).
Gibbs Technologies will use Plex Systems software to help launch production of its high-speed amphibian vehicles in North America.
Our partnership with ST Kinetics is another major step forward in our plan to market high-speed amphibian vehicles of every imaginable size and capability throughout the world," said Alan Gibbs, the company's founder.
The latter runs amphibian vehicles and after a whirl round the city they splash into the Charles River for a wetter viewpoint.
Since the invention of the motorcar there have been many attempts to develop amphibian vehicles.
Major weapon systems currently being supported at Albany and Barstow include the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, M88 Retriever, MK48 Trucks, Light Armored Vehicles (LAV), and Assault Amphibian Vehicles (AAV).