amphibious aircraft

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an airplane designed to take off and land on water

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His son James Bach told the Associated Press his father was on his way to visit a friend on San Juan Island in the north Puget Sound on Friday when his amphibian plane clipped a power line as it landed, sending the aircraft into a crash.
Penn Air's World War II era Grumman Goose G21-A, an amphibian plane that carries up to nine passengers or 1,900 pounds of cargo, now serves the island's air needs.
for bribing a lawmaker in 1996 over a project to develop an amphibian plane.
In the style of the late Sam Walton he swoops down on outlets in his self-piloted, amphibian plane.
Mr Billingham took off from Gloucestershire Airport at Staverton near Gloucester in his Lake Amphibian plane and was intending to land back there after a short flight.