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Synonyms for amphetamine

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Captagon is one of several brand names for fenethylline hydrochloride, a drug compound belonging to the family of amphetamines, stimulants of the central nervous system.
Then, in a freezer, they discovered a block of amphetamine weighing 235 grams, with a potential street value of PS2,350.
A total of 112 one-kilogram pouches of amphetamines were believed to be concealed inside the machine when it arrived at a factory in Busan.
At 12 weeks, all the medications, which included amphetamines, atomoxetine, bupropion, Clonidine, guanfacine, methylphenidate, and modafinil, were found to be better than placebo in reducing core ADHD symptoms in children and adolescents, according to clinicians' ratings.
A further 711 kg of amphetamines, or 14 million doses, were seized by the UK Border Force from people attempting to smuggle them into the country.
Fenethylline, also known by its brand name Captagon, is a combination of amphetamine, a stimulant, and theophylline, a drug traditionally used to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, abcnews reported.
Amphetamines for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents.
echolive Titan then discovered the gang were distributing 200 kilos of amphetamines, worth up to PS200,000, in a series of drug runs between Merseyside and South Wales.
Dafydd Roberts, defending Parry, said:"What I suggest to you is that he sold his meds in order to buy amphetamine for you, that is the truth isn't it?" Giving evidence from behind a screen, she replied: "No" He put it to her that she was taking amphetamine and she said that "he forced me to take them".
Ms Randall said police officers searched Roberts' home and found 29.8kg of amphetamines said to be worth PS506,700 "if cut to its usual purity".
A gang was conspiring to supply cocaine and amphetamines on a "commercial scale", he added.
Office of Drugs and Crime said in a 2014 report that the amphetamine market is on the rise in the Middle East, with busts mostly in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria accounting for more than 55 percent of amphetamines seized worldwide.
A WOMAN has been given a suspended jail sentence after police found amphetamines in her flat.
The Department of Defence confirmed nabbing and destroying $11.3 million worth of amphetamines in two separate operations along the Arabian Sea as part of the Combined Maritime Forces.