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Synonyms for amphetamine

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In addition to its role as a risk factor for AMI, amphetamine abuse may lead to chronic cardiomyopathy, pulmonary heart disease, necrotizing vasculitis, and intracranial hemorrhage.
The younger Wran, 26 years old, a former University of Sydney student, had been living in the streets as she became deeply addicted to amphetamine abuse.
This report highlights the diabetic patients with amphetamine abuse should undergo a routine electrocardiogram in such circumstances.
"If further studies confirm these findings, the potential risk of developing Parkinson's disease from these types of amphetamines would need to be considered by doctors before prescribing these drugs as well as be incorporated into amphetamine abuse programs, including illicit use," said study author Stephen K.
(20) Treatment of amphetamine abuse with fluoxetine and imipramine may be useful but is not a panacea for treatment.
Hunter's barrister Alisdair Campbell said his client's drugs misuse had caused problems for him and he suggested that difficulties with accommodation led to the defendant relapsing into amphetamine abuse.
Amphetamine abuse during pregnancy: Environmental factors and outcome after 14-15 years.
SAMHSA estimated that from 1993 through 2003, the rate of admissions for the treatment of methamphetamine or amphetamine abuse increased from 13 to 56 admissions per 100,000 for people aged 12 or older [5].
Intravenous amphetamine abuse has been common in Sweden since the 1960s (Boekhout van Solinge 1997; CAN 2005).
Her discharge diagnosis from her last stay at the hospital was Axis One: schizo-affective disorder, bipolar type; alcohol dependency, in remission; amphetamine abuse, in remission; cannabis abuse, in remission; Axis Two: borderline personality disorder.
The scientists behind the study hope their findings will lead to more effective treatments for amphetamine abuse and neurological diseases.
But Judge Wood said he accepted Haggard was now tackling his amphetamine abuse and receiving treatment.
Right after World War II, Sweden and Asia witnessed widespread amphetamine abuse, he says.
By contrast, the authorities in Laos have had success in drastically reducing opium cultivation and preventing amphetamine abuse. Myanmar (Burma), something of a pariah state because of its repressive regime, needs assistance in providing former opium poppy growers with alternative livelihoods and in reducing HIV transmission rates.
LEVELS of amphetamine abuse are more than five times higher in Ireland than other European countries