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Synonyms for ampere

a former unit of electric current (slightly smaller than the SI ampere)

the basic unit of electric current adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

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These 1 [mm.sup.2] chips can be operated for the H first time at up to 2.5 amperes (A), providing H an output of 30 watts (W).
I'm not sure what you are using as a point of reference, but the iPad consumes less than 15 watts of power through its charging port, which is less than one ampere at 14 volts and less than 1/2 ampere at 28 volts.
The output is set at 3600 mega amperes in this stage.
It offers contact current ratings of 20 amperes continuous for size 16 contacts.
Flipping one bit, for instance, requires the equivalent of 5 million amperes of current per square centimeter.
The base system output is 30.3 amperes at 54.4 VDC for three modules.
They distribute up to a total of 300 amperes of load current from a single source.
Many of these supplies are capable of producing 200 or more amperes of current.
The system operates on 110 vac at 5 amperes and 70 psi of compressed air, and is available with a no-product sensor, one-shot input, unwinder, RS-232 interface and special set-up for cutting extrusions on-line.
For use with the Temp-Master TMMZ multizone temperature controller, a module capable of running significantly higher currents than the standard QMOD (with a current capacity of 15 amperes per zone) has been introduced by Mold-Masters Systems.
For example, given that electrical "power" is the product of amperes times voltage, an electric motor that takes 12 amperes at 12 volts requires only 6 amperes at 24 volts or 4 amperes at 36 volts.
Its hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers provide precise and reliable powering control, can be quickly reset to restore power, and feature customized trip points (in amperes) and time delays (in seconds).
The 140 features improved short-circuit interrupting ratings for a motor protector - up to 65,000 amperes at 480 volts and 100,000 amperes at 400 volts - without requiring additional current limiters.
Only a few amperes are needed to disrupt transformer operation, but more than 100 amperes have been measured in the grounding connections of transformers in affected areas.
Amperes and Coulomb are 3-D CAE tools created for scientists and engineers who make particle trajectory systems.