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a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombs

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3-inch TFT display that shows voltage, current, amp-hour readings, source settings, and many additional settings in large, easy-to read characters.
Smart Modules are connected in series for configure-to-order voltage and in parallel for configure-to-order amp-hour capacity," said Leon Adams, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at SWE.
A few more definitions: Amp-hour = number of amps used in one hour.
The flat form factor of the 27 Amp-hour building block cells allow this battery to deliver a 200 Amp current pulse with minimal heat generation while exceeding power output expectations even at -25 degrees C.
Now Available in Higher 125 and 150 Amp-Hour Ratings
With the release of the PSC340848-1350 product, PolyStor achieves a 1350 milli Amp-hour capacity (mAh) in a battery package that is only 34 mm wide, 48 mm long and 8 mm thick.
A total of 2 million amp-hours of production capacity will be put into production in the first phase, with additional room for 2 million amp-hour lines as production demand increases.
5mm x 48mm with a record setting 1200 milli Amp-hour (mAh) capacity.
The building is set up to accommodate additional 2 million amp-hour lines, which will be set up as demand increases.