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a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombs

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The MXH180 is compatible with all generations of Bosch lithium-ion Fat and Slim Pack 18-volt batteries, and users can expect even more runtime with new BAT612 2.0 amp-hour and BAT620 4.0 amp-hour batteries.
There are also options for polarity reversal at the beginning of the process (with programmable voltage and duration) and activation of amp-hours meter.
The capacity of a battery would be rated in amp-hours as he states, but again, one can't state a load in "amp-hours" and then multiply by a number of hours or minutes and come up with a figure that has meaningful dimensions.
Not too long ago, most "rehab systems" were placed on bases that were powered by 70 amp-hour, group 24 batteries only.
They can be ordered with either a 32 or 52 AH (amp-hour) battery, feature a top-mounted LED panel that alerts nurses when to recharge, and have a built-in multiple outlet power strip with true sine wave AC output.
A CUT ABOVE THE REST: The 18-volt Power-Plus cordless circular saw, model 6310-22, operates on a 2.4 amp-hour NiCad battery.
Constructed of four, 3.2-volt, 100 amp-hour pieces, the battery features an aluminum panel, nylon handle and plastic cover.
The AlphaView mobile video system ships complete with a medical-grade 32 inch HD LCD, heavy-duty rolling cart, foot pedal controlled height adjustable mounting column, 76.8 Ah (Amp-Hour) lithium-ion battery pack and 60GHz HD video receiver and transmitter, allowing picture-perfect wireless reception up to 10 meters from the video source.
A battery's amp-hour rating tells you how long the battery can go before it runs out of energy.
A few more definitions: Amp-hour = number of amps used in one hour.
Enhanced power is provided by four 6V deep cycle batteries, each with 245 amp-hour storage capacity.