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a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombs

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The 40 Amp hour batteries join other options for the industrial-grade SSG UPSs including, an SNMP/HTTP agent board, frequency converter and ICB conformal coating.
5 amp hour upgrade available) and optional mag wheels that can carry up to 450 pounds, all presented with sleek black components.
So, on a 4 amp hour battery this will last about four hours.
The initial 75 amp hours "Motive" power battery built at the BCRI facility is smaller and lighter than a similar 75 amp hour battery built by Douglas Battery:
Still in daily revenue service, each of the buses uses a high-voltage string of Electrosource 12 Volt-85 Amp Hour batteries to boost the constant-speed diesel-engine acceleration power, and to assist the bus braking system by absorbing kinetic energy through electrical regeneration.
Tenders are invited for Starting Battery 12 Volts, 100 Amp Hour Type Mhd/Xp 1000, Is 5154: 1980 Standard Make Exide/Amco/Prestolite Req.
Recent testing of the first 100 production batteries shipped to BAT has resulted in a significant jump in performance (20 percent increase in amp hour availability) from prior prototype testing.
The ALPS integrated charger version will offer 24 to 28V and consist of a 100 Amp hour energy storage unit with built-in charging functionality compatible with 28V MIL vehicle batteries and AC generators.