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any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province

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The epidemic at Amoy Gardens started on March 21, 2003, and for most residents the onset of symptoms occurred over a three-day period between March 24 and 26 (Yu et al.
There was clear clustering of cases in certain districts of the Kowloon peninsula (Kwun Tong, in which AMOY is located) and the New Territories (including Shatin, Tai Po), but Hong Kong Island was relatively spared.
The WHO, which issued a travel alert against Hong Kong following the SARS outbreak in Amoy Gardens, has yet to officially respond to the Hong Kong government's study.
Taking to the Amoy Experience podium, Kathryn Ratcliffe, aged 18 from Newcastle, is a three times Guinness World Record holder for speed eating with chopsticks.
All Nippon Airways will raise the number of weekly flights between Narita and Amoy to seven, up from three at present, effective in November, and those between Narita and Qingdao to seven from four.
He was a frequent visitor to his brother's apartment at Amoy Gardens.
The transaction includes leading culinary brands such as Lea & Perrins, HP sauces, and a perpetual license to market the rapidly growing Amoy Asian sauces brands in Europe.
The HP group makes about 200 different sauces in all including HP BBQ sauce, Daddies and the Amoy range.
The addition of the Corne Port Royal range supports Petty, Woods positioning as a one-stop-shop for premium branded products such as Walkers, Duchy Originals, Sacla, Patak's, Amoy, Lavazza, Matthew Walker and EPC, alongside its own recently relaunched Epicure brand.
Domestic cats living in the Amoy Gardens in Hong Kong, where >100 residents contracted SARS in the spring of 2003, were infected with SARS-CoV (1,3).
Who imposed a travel warning against the former British colony on April 2 after a disturbingly virulent outbreak in an apartment complex, the Amoy Gardens.
Yuen Kwok-yung, microbiologist at the university, said patients from Amoy Gardens, a private housing estate where an outbreak of the disease occurred, are more seriously ill than other patients and that might be due to a change in the virus.
In the 90s, Quemoy was returned to civil government from a military reserve, which eventually leads to establishment of direct link between Quemoy and Amoy in 2002.