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an antibiotic

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Amoxicilin (30 [micro]g/disc) was included in the test as a reference antibiotic control.
The falcon was treated with physiologic saline solution that contained 5% glucose, amino acids, and vitamins (10 ml/kg SC q24h for 4 days; Duphalyte injection, Fort Dodge Veterinaria, Vall de Bianya, Spain), flunixin-meglumine (1 mg/kg IM once; Finadyne RP, Schering-Plough, Sante Animale, France), enrofloxacin (15 mg/kg IM q24h for 14 days; Baytril 2.5%, Bayer AG, Lewerkusa, Germany), and amoxicilin clavulanate (100 mg/kg SC q24h for 14 days; Noroclav inj, Norbrook Laboratories, Newry, Northern Ireland).
Tetracycline (30 [micro]g/disk), Gentamicine (30 [micro]g/disk), Oxacillin (1 [micro]g/disk), Ketoconazole (20 [micro]g/disk) Amoxicilin (10 [micro]g/disk) and Benomil (20 [micro]g/disk) were used as positive reference standards to determine the sensitivity of the microorganisms.