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(Middle Ages) a highly conventionalized code of conduct for lovers

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The first literary critic to more or less definitively scotch the romantic idealism surrounding amour courtois was D.
The material here is not particularly easy to work with: despite being able to claim the honor of having coined the modern critical phrase "amour courtois" Paris was famously partial to the epic over later supposedly decadent and overrefined genres such as romance and courtly poetry, and he did nothing to hide his coolness to the idea that most medieval literature had any esthetic value or complexity.
The concluding chapter turns to Denis de Rougemont, one of the inventors of that concept of amour courtois /courtly love which has kept so many scholars of medieval culture in employment.
Amour courtois also provided the theme of an extensive courtly medieval literature that began with the troubadour poetry of Aquitaine and Provence in southern France toward the end of the 11th century.