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(Middle Ages) a highly conventionalized code of conduct for lovers

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The first literary critic to more or less definitively scotch the romantic idealism surrounding amour courtois was D.
Erec and Enide is thus not at all a celebration of amour courtois.
Amour courtois also provided the theme of an extensive courtly medieval literature that began with the troubadour poetry of Aquitaine and Provence in southern France toward the end of the 11th century.
Fr, amour courtois ) A medieval code of attitudes toward love and of the highly conventionalized conduct considered suitable for noble lords and ladies.
20) Euarchus's refusal to excuse the princes's law-breaking as the venial exuberance of amour courtois belongs to this tradition; as he explains, "if the governors of justice shall take such a scope as to measure the foot of the law by a show of conveniency .