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an Old Testament book telling Amos's prophecies

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After several years spent raising his profile at the Fringe and on the London circuit, Amos found himself playing the Royal Variety Show last January.
The narrative section in Amos 7:10-17 is important for understanding the nature of this commission.
At more than six hours in length, it amply demonstrates why Amos the minister's daughter who came of age performing in the gay bars of Washington, D.
In both Amos and Hebrews, we are told that God knows our transgressions and how great are our sins (Amos 4:12) and that before God no creature is hidden, but all are naked and laid bare to the eyes of the one to whom we must render an account (Heb 4:12).
Amos describes boxing as a "sport in conflict with itself" (182), a description that aptly applies to Amos, a man very much in conflict with himself.
Joseph upon first meeting Amos, knows immediately that Turnbuckle is not a preacher, however, Washington does see the Lord working through Amos in his disguise as a preacher.
But while the first four names enjoy the life of a professional footballer, their schoolboy team-mate and rival Amos combines life as a schoolteacher and semi-professional player.
78, an Amos Ainsley, master carpenter, appears on the list of persons who wish to go to Canada.
At an appeal hearing in September,Ms Amos agreed it conflicted with the council's restrictions on residential development in the countryside but argued the ill- health of her parents who occupied the caravan was enough to justify a temporary permission.
In contrast to her feisty predecessor, the newcomer had moved smoothly through the gears of career advancement with all the dexterity to be expected of New labour, and Lady Amos is different in one other respect .
The Biblical book of Amos has been an exceptionally popular topic for literary analysis for many years due to, among other factors, its author's purported status as the earliest of the Biblical literary prophets as well as its diversity of literary features in compact size.
Cafe owner Clare Amos, who has now moved with her family to a secret address, was threatened by her former husband, who broke into her home and left a hate message pinned to a door with an axe.
org, a Website geared toward small businesses, Amos writes, ".
Heir to the landmark commentary by Wolff (English translation, 1977), who sees Amos as the product of a lengthy and complicated process of oral and literary transmission involving no less than six independent strata, Jeremias regards Amos as "the precipitate" left by the history of the evolving reception of the prophet's message.
On the contrary, subordinate males, in particular, "establish durable ties [with females], recognizing each other between seasons and coordinating their behaviors," report Bill Amos of the University of Cambridge in England and his colleagues in the June 30 Science.