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an Old Testament book telling Amos's prophecies

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Amos recalls interrogating Mulbah via social media many times, specifically about an alleged US$1.5m given by China Union.
However, Amos seems more than ready to wrestle the crown away from his track nemesis, Emmanuel Korir of Kenya.
After selling the caravan five years ago, Mr Amos wanted to keep occupied and decided to build his garden at home.
Baba alleged that Moses and Amos, armed with a cutlass and a locally made pistol, robbed one Istifanus Gabriel of his Pathfinder jeep and other valuables worth N4 million.
Mrs Amos was driving and her husband was a front-seat passenger."
Amos was just 9 years old when his mom bought the game for him, and he was already 40 when he found the game unopened and in excellent condition.
Every time Amos has threatened to break through, something has conspired against him just as he appeared on the brink.
Enjoy bowling, food and drinks, and photos and autographs with Chicago Bear Adrian Amos and teammates.
The next morning Amos took a hardened scraper he'd made and slightly widened the opening of the breech face of the .38 Super, fixing things.
It's interesting to note that the very people Amos condemned were offering sacrifices.
While this is a lively standalone novel, it would be a pleasure to meet Amos, Flynn, and Poppy again.
It didn't take long to determine that Amos Wright of Yonge Township was a UE, although I am as yet unsure of his service.
Houston focuses on justice and violence as themes for the Old Testament book of Amos because social injustice is the main, and arguable the only, reason that the prophet offers for the destruction he announces as the fate of the kingdom of Israel.
Amos is a boy who sleeps in a small bedroom with his teddy bear, Louis.
Robert Amos served as a volunteer in the People's Protection Units (YPG--the largest Kurdish armed group in Syria--in 2015.