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Synonyms for amortization

the reduction of the value of an asset by prorating its cost over a period of years

payment of an obligation in a series of installments or transfers

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Broken down, interest payments accounted for P19.669 billion while amortization took P7.738 billion of the total.
The government also serviced P7.7 billion in principal amortization in May, dropping from P137.9 billion a year ago.
Excluding "catch-up" premium amortization, the Company's average asset yield was 2.90% for the first quarter, compared to 2.86% for the prior quarter.
The 2016 results included approximately USD 33.6m of non-cash charges for depreciation, amortization and compensation, USD 5.5m of amortization of retention and forgivable loans, USD 4.3m of interest expense and USD 10.0m of income tax expense.
The loan features a term of 10 years with a 30-year amortization and an interest rate of 4.75%.
This was an increase over operating income before amortization of SEK3.
1245 property or the amount previously allowed (or allowable) as depreciation or amortization deductions on the property being disposed.
Far less thought, however, has been given to other intangible assets that also may escape amortization under the criteria in Statement no.
Conforms the amortization period for both organizational and startup expenditures to 15-year period amortization period applicable to intangibles (Sec.
Most firms are extremely reluctant to report an item that may negatively impact earnings, such as the intangible assets now subject to amortization. As a result, companies and their auditors find themselves pressured to either underestimate the value of their amortizable intangible assets, or to simply attribute them all to "goodwill" and not amortize them at all.
This year's operating loss also included $7.67 million in noncash expenses, $9.2 million for the amortization of intangible assets and $1.42 million for the amortization of stock-based compensation.
Operating profit, before exceptional items and amortization of goodwill and intangibles increased by 34%.
The permanent loan has a fixed interest rate of 8.27 percent and a 25-year amortization. The DSC is 1.35 and the LTV is 80 percent.
On September 29, 1997, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to the Internal Revenue Service on proposed regulations under sections 167 and 197 of the Internal Revenue Code, relating to the amortization of certain intangible property.