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(Roman mythology) god of love


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No he podido dejar de lado esta remembranza despues de leer Mis amores en la sala oscura, titulo digno de una novela (nos ha confesado Nedda que el nombre del libro "se lo regalo" nada menos que su amigo, nuestro admirado Fernando Vallejo, novelista notable, autor de La virgen de los sicarios): y es que, bien mirado, dicho titulo Mis amores en la sala oscura puede entregarnos la vision de esa espectadora, cinefila irremediable, con los multiples amores que le han significado todas y cada una de las peliculas que ha visto porque, como asienta al final de su Prologo: "En la sala oscura de los cines pasaban unas cosas; afuera, bajo la luz del sol, pasaban otras".
Dr Amores analysis of 2013 census data shows large numbers of young Kiwis are being put at risk by the meltdown of the housing market.
Como su titulo lo adelanta, Los amores y desamores de Camila Candelaria, ultima novela de Gerardo Pina-Rosales, nos presenta la seguidilla de amores y desamores de su protagonista y narradora, Camila Candelaria.
The book therefore begins with a discussion of Marlowe's translation of the Amores and then proceeds to address the rest of the works in the Marlovian canon in the order of their first appearance in print, an order which Stapleton has chosen so as "to avoid creating a faulty argument dependent on a specious theory of authorial development based on a speculative chronology" (31).
Amores, in a phone interview with Manila Bulletin Online, said the authorities have so far rescued six members of the religious group, and have organized two teams to find the other missing pilgrims.
As we shall see, in its role of preface to the Amores the epigram exhibits as much as it hides, and in doing so it serves to perpetuate a structure that, when read for its potential to reveal a given reality, promises yet frustrates knowledge, opens yet simultaneously closes a door to interpretation.
El espejo roto presenta una serie de ensayos antropologicos sobre los amores y la condicion femenina en la ciudad de Cali a partir de la conformacion de un taller formativo de jovenes sociologos y sociologas calenos bajo la direccion del profesor Elias Sevilla.
Hard on the heels of Gernot Michael Muller's book in the same series, Die 'Germania generalis' des Conrad Celtis Tubingen: Niemeyer, 2001), a study of Celtis's historiographical thinking in the wake of the discovery of Tacitus's Germania (see MLR, 98 (2003), 757-59), comes Jorg Robert's excellent investigation of Celtis's Amores (Nuremberg, 1502), the first important cycle of Neo-Latin verse produced in Germany.
This "Time Machine" is powered by a trio of gifted dancers--Pablo Amores, Marion Ramirez, and Noemi Segarra--accompanied onstage by two Cuban-born musicians, pianist Elio Villafranca and the young Yunior Terry Cabrera on violin and bass.
Argentina's economic crisis has halved ad sales this year, driving down the amount that broadcasters pay for programs, even for top-rated "Son amores.
Cheney persuasively demonstrates that to understand Marlowe, his career path, and his rivalry with Spenser, we must, as has not been done before, pay close attention to Marlowe's translations of Ovid's Amores and Lucan's Pharsalia.
But the couplet's ties to the Aeneid may not end here inasmuch as Cupid's interference in Amores 2.
Stapleton's (B)(**) Harmful Eloquence: Ovid's Amores from Antiquity to Shakespeare.
We're very pleased with this partnership," said Vicente Amores, Gasper's Regional Director.