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Egyptian sun god

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During the 2009 festivities, the Krewe of Amon-Ra, Lords of Leather, Krewe of Armeinius, Mystic Krewe of Satyricon, Krewe of Mwindo (predominantly African-American), and the eldest statesman, the Krewe of Petronius (established in 1961), have gay balls scheduled, some with balcony seating open to the public.
I'VE mentioned this guy before, but look out for anything made by Daniel Glaetzer in your local independent like Amon-Ra and Godolphin.
Grebaut, L'hymne a Amon-Ra des papyrus egyptiens du Musee de Boulaq (Paris, 1874), even though translations have been frequent.
The statues, depicting King Ramesses II seated alongside the gods Amon-Ra, Ra-Horachty, and Ptah, sit in the Abu Simbel Temple Complex southwest of Aswan.