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a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

one of the Teutonic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the 3rd to 5th centuries

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But Schindler convinced SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Amon Goth, commandant of the nearby Krakow-Plaszow concentration camp, to allow him to move his factory to Brunnlitz in the Sudetenland, thus sparing his workers from certain death.
Pemper's testimony has a double edge in that his fluency in German allowed him to penetrate the network of the German occupation, initially as an interpreter for thousands of Polish refugees who had been deported in 1938 from Germany to Poland, then as a member of the ghetto Judenrat in the summer of 1941, but above all as personal stenographer to Amon Goth, who became commandant of the Krakow-Plaszow camp in February 1943.
Many of the details pertaining to the events and people he depicted do not fall into place until during the trials of the main players--especially of Amon Goth in 1946.
British actor Ralph is best known for playing baddies like Nazi war criminal Amon Goth in Schindler's List, Red Dragon's serial killer Francis Dolarhyde and god of the underworld Hades in Clash Of The Titans.