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Synonyms for embolism

an insertion into a calendar

occlusion of a blood vessel by an embolus (a loose clot or air bubble or other particle)

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Mr Balmain agreed with the pathologist that an 'extraordinarily rare' amniotic fluid embolism had caused Mrs Clift's death, which he ruled was due to natural causes.
Determining zinc coproporphyrin in maternal plasma--a new method for diagnosing amniotic fluid embolism.
Because the incidence of amniotic fluid embolism is extremely low in obstetric cases where ICS is not used, proving that ICS does not increase the likelihood of occurrence through a randomised controlled trial would require a study with 265,000 patients, and it is unlikely that this will ever be performed (Weiskopf 2000).
In the midst of Pete's "unimaginable" heartache, the dad pledged to raise cash for Barnardo's - a charity close to his Julie's heart - and the Amniotic Fluid Embolism Foundation (Afef).
1) In a study based on record reviews from a network of hospitals with a patient population that is "roughly" nationally representative, more than half of maternal deaths were attributable to four causes: complications of preeclampsia, amniotic fluid embolism, obstetric hemorrhage and cardiac disease.
Her husband, Arnel, was told immediately afterwards that she had died from an amniotic fluid embolism, the inquest heard.
Experts in their fields have written chapters discussing general anaesthesia and associated intubation and aspiration, regional anaesthesia, haemorrhage, hypertension, cardiac disease, thromboembolism, amniotic fluid embolism, sepsis and intensive care.
Dr Andrew Booth, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Scarborough Hospital, said the amniotic fluid embolism was "a very rare complication".
The label now lists the major adverse effects of Cytotec's obstetric uses, including hyperstimulation of the uterus, which may progress to uterine tetany with marked impairment of uteroplacental blood flow; uterine rupture (requiring surgical repair, hysterectomy, and/or salpingo-oophorectomy); or amniotic fluid embolism.
She had problems with coagulation, probably associated with an amniotic fluid embolism,'' Carrier said.
Amniotic fluid embolism may also occur secondary to trauma.
Severe maternal morbidities, including renal failure, shock, amniotic fluid embolism, and cardiac morbidity, were significantly increased for women older than 39 years, according to results of a study that included more than 800,000 singleton births over 10 years.
Ob Hospitalist Group hosted the lunchtime lecture by Miranda Klassen on amniotic fluid embolism.
The Order's autopsy concluded that Zogheib died due to Amniotic Fluid Embolism, a rare condition that is often fatal.
A post-mortem has since revealed she died of amniotic fluid embolism, an extremely rare condition that affects women in childbirth.