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Synonyms for embolism

an insertion into a calendar

occlusion of a blood vessel by an embolus (a loose clot or air bubble or other particle)

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The classic presence of fetal squamous cells in the maternal circulation can occur even in the absence of amniotic fluid embolism and is therefore not sensitive or specific enough to establish a diagnosis.
In retrospectively looking at the charts of women who've sustained amniotic fluid embolism, it's almost uncanny how many of them complained of feeling imminent peril or danger or chest tightening for 20 or 30 minutes before the event.
Survival rates were 46% for antepartum hemorrhage, 44% for myocardial infarction, 43% for amniotic fluid embolism, 38% for stroke, 29% for venous thromboembolism, 14% for trauma, and 0% for aneurysm or dissection.
Other major causes of pregnancy-related death included preeclampsia and eclampsia, amniotic fluid embolism, obstetric hemorrhage, and sepsis or infection.
Amniotic fluid embolism The escape of some of the fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus into the mother's circulation.
A spokesman for Boca Raton Regional Hospital told The Associated Press on Sunday that a team of medical workers spent three hours attempting to revive the woman after a rare amniotic fluid embolism.
GE-llE- BE-lbE-l, 22, gave birth at the hospital, where she later died from an amniotic fluid embolism.
Yesterday an inquest heard the former Tividale High School pupil died of an amniotic fluid embolism - a rare condition affecting just one in 200,000 mothers.
Ob Hospitalist Group hosted the lunchtime lecture by Miranda Klassen on amniotic fluid embolism.
An autopsy of Zogheib's body has indicated that her death was due to Amniotic Fluid Embolism, an extremely rare condition which affects pregnant women and in most cases is fatal.
Amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a rare obstetric emergency in which it is postulated that amniotic fluid, fetal cells, hair, or other debris enter the maternal circulation, causing cardiorespiratory collapse.
Seconds after kissing baby Isaac, the proud mum suffered a fatal amniotic fluid embolism - a condition which meant she was allergic to the fluid surrounding her son.