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any member of the Amniota

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Researchers believe the creature is a "stem amniote" -- an early land-dwelling animal that later evolved into modern mammals, birds and reptiles.
"It suggests that we, and maybe amniotes in general, are much more alone in the lack of an ability to regenerate limbs," she says.
This early tetrapod could be the earliest example of a reptile and explain the origin of amniotes, all vertebrates that belong to reptiles, birds and mammals.
canicula (and other cat shark species) brain was the distinct brain vesicles including an enlarged telencephalon, making its brain structure more similar to that of the amniotes rather than the anamniotes.
Although there is not a singular response of marine amniotes to climate change, individual observations indicate three kinds of interrelated responses of marine amniotes: distribution shifts (geographic ranges), phenological changes (timing of seasonal activities) and interspecific interactions including competition between species and the predator-prey system dynamics.
Like other amniotes (reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, and mammals), they breathe air and do not lay eggs underwater, although many species live in or around water.
"The fact that nearly all living mammals have eye shapes that appear 'nocturnal' by comparison with other amniotes [mammals, reptiles and birds] is a testament to the strong influence that evolutionary history can have on modern anatomy," said Chris Kirk, associate professor of anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin.
Introductory Sentences: "The question presents a statement Improved Student Application that birds and mammals are amniotes with (l)-(2)-(3) Guided whose embryos are supported by extra- Reflection embryonic membranes.
These lines - incremental lines of von Ebner - are present across all amniotes, and record daily dentin deposition.
Hundreds of bones have been extracted from La Mora site (Tagamanent), mainly assigned to temnospondyl capitosaurs and, to a lesser extent, to amniotes, including archosauriforms and procolophonoids (Gaete et al., 1993, 1996; Fortuny et al., 2009, in press), are still under preparation and study.
(2007) and McKenna and Farrell (2009) indicate that the four living suborders of beetles diverged in the Permian, when early amniotes, conifers, and others groups of terrestrial organisms, including other insects (Labandeira and Sepkoski, 1993), were also diversifying.
The vertebrates, for example, are subdivided into amniotes (reptiles, birds, and mammals) and anamniotes (fishes and amphibians) based on whether they possess an amnion--a protective embryonic coveting.
It feeds mainly on fishes, frogs and aquatic crustaceans; amniotes, in particular terrestrial ones, are seldom taken.