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any member of the Amniota

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It suggests that we, and maybe amniotes in general, are much more alone in the lack of an ability to regenerate limbs," she says.
The vertebrates, for example, are subdivided into amniotes (reptiles, birds, and mammals) and anamniotes (fishes and amphibians) based on whether they possess an amnion--a protective embryonic coveting.
It feeds mainly on fishes, frogs and aquatic crustaceans; amniotes, in particular terrestrial ones, are seldom taken.
The origin and early evolutionary history of amniotes.
But if the amniotes are considered, Australia has the highest number of these species under threat among all developed nations (IUCN, 2004b).
It covers gametogenesis and fertilization, lineage tracking, oogenesis and other early development, development in amphibians and amniotes, vertebrate organogenesis including metamorphosis, plant development, morphogenesis, regulations of gene expression, and evolution.
Our evolutionary roots--the amniota-began a great divergence when a few amniotes crawled out of a primordial sea and left their finned relatives behind.
The human embryonic circulatory system is a modification of that used in other amniotes, such as birds and reptiles.
They have long believed two groups of animals - amphibians and amniotes - evolved from common ancestors hundreds of millions of years ago.
Neocortex evolved from a more primitive cortex, likely present in the ancestors of all amniotes.