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Bates (2012).Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyceae) species, domoic acid and amnesic shellfish poisoning: revisiting previous paradigms.
There are three additional possible syndromes to worry about as well from different varieties of red tide - neurotoxic, diarrheic and amnesic shellfish poisoning. If global environmental conditions continue to worsen, these three lethal monsters also may raise their heads more often.
ABSTRACT Domoic acid (DA) is a potent toxin produced by bloom-forming phytoplankton in the genus Pseudo-nitzschia, which is responsible for causing amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) in humans.
The movie fictionalizes the first records of amnesic shellfish poisoning, and some of the first species intoxicated were birds.
"Essentially it is a natural toxin produced by certain species of microscopic phytoplankton of the diatom genus Pseudo-nitzchio, which is associated with amnesic shellfish poisoning."
Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning can lead to severe sickness and headaches, followed by memory loss, permanent brain damage and even death.