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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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found that the polymer-containing quaternary ammonium groups possess superb antiadhesion for BSA proteins [25].
A new intensive peak at 1688.35 [cm.sup.-1]appeared probably to the ethyl groups of the quaternary triethyl ammonium groups of Quat.
The upright part of the L consists of two charged units: positively charged ammonium group and a negatively charged carboxylate group.
4b (QP(DNB/NB-Si[O.sub.2]-25) as a representative case), a new wide absorption band around 1,050 [cm.sup.-1] and peaks near 795, 950 and 1,058 [cm.sup.-1] were assigned to Si--O--Si vibrations [35], A new band at 1,380 [cm.sup.-1] and 1,720 [cm.sup.-1] were attributed to quaternized ammonium group, which confirmed that the functionalized silica (TSPCA) was successfully grafted on the copolymer (QP(DNB/NB-Si[O.sub.2]-25)).
It is comprised of at least one anionic, nonionic or amphoteric surfactant at a concentration of 5-50% by weight calculated to total composition, at least one monoglyceride having 12-22 carbon atoms in fatty acid moiety and at least one compound comprising a silicone polymer, a quaternary ammonium group and a polyether group in its molecule.
Caption: FIGURE 6: The scheme of possibility of ionic binding ammonium group of polymer with the carboxyl group of escin.
This paper reports on the ability of different cationic polymers containing an exchanger quaternary ammonium group, to remove As(V) species from aqueous media.
The second one with a gradual weight loss from 165.6[degrees]C to 373.1[degrees]C may be attributed to the degradation of the quaternary ammonium groups in polymer chains.
The CPA phenolic groups formed strong interactions with the quaternary ammonium groups on the anion exchange column.
Permeability factors may limit the protective effect of ACh or choline because both of these contain quaternary ammonium groups, just like HC-3.