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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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This powerful, environmentally-friendly cleaning is made possible via BBJ EnviroGard(TM) -- an `encapsulation control agent' that regulates the proven cleaning power of ammonium bifluoride without any harm to the surfaces treated and without emitting any toxic gases.
The district had experienced numerous silica scaling incidents which had forced them to resort to the use of hazardous ammonium bifluoride (ABF) as a membrane cleaner.
The current formula contains high levels of ammonium bifluoride and ammonium fluoride which can be quickly fatal to small children, if ingested.
Air Products also received two environmental excellence awards from the CGA, one for its reduction of ammonium bifluoride (ABF) waste at its electronic specialty materials facility in Hometown, Pennsylvania, and the other for its solar farm situated at its corporate headquarters.