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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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The general trend of the aqueous phase in using methanol as the organic phase is as follows: 5 mM oxalic acid > 5 mM ammonium acetate > 0.
Using a comparative approach under semi-field conditions, we (1) assessed the effect of adding ammonium acetate and ammonium carbonate to beer waste and to the commercial baits Nu-Lure[R] Insect Bait, Buminal[R], and Bugs for Bugs[R] Fruit Fly Bait, on the response of males and females of B.
1 M) between pH 1-12 at unit interval were prepared from the following: potassium chloride adjusted pH with hydrochloric acid (pH 1-2), sodium acetate-acetic acid (pH 3-6), ammonium acetate (pH 7), sodium tetraborate-boric acid (pH 7.
Perhaps the most important disadvantage of this reagent is supplied by the resorption of metals in the residual fraction, which requires an additional extraction with ammonium acetate at pH = 2 (SUTHERLAND et al.
Sodium contents were determined both in 1:2 water extract and ammonium acetate extract and are given in Table 2.
The mobile phase was composed of methanol: 20 mM ammonium acetate (55: 45, v/v).
A mixture of an aromatic aldehyde (1 mmol), benzil/benzoin (1mmol), ammonium acetate (2 mmol) and tannic acid (7.
After investigating the performance of mass spectrometry for C18 reverse phase column (Kromasil Etermity), ACQUITY UPLC BEH HILIC columnand mobile phase such as acetonitrilem, methanol, 20 mM ammonium acetate and 0.
Designed for use with the existing Optima solvent range, these new reagents, comprising ammonium formate, ammonium acetate and acetic acid, improve chromatographic peak shape and provide stable analyte signals in a MS detector.
Binary pump mixing of mobile phases A (2 mmol/L ammonium acetate and 1 mL/L formic acid in distilled water) and B (2 mmol/L ammonium acetate and 1 mL/L formic acid in methanol) produced a linear gradient that increased from 50% to 90% methanol for 1.
Operating the purifications with ammonium acetate provided the additional benefit of a volatile salt and left the peptide in the desirable acetate form.
Rahmani's investigation results showed that nanostructured alumina synthesized by ammonium acetate fuel has finer particles and bigger pores so that it could be considered as the main adsorbent in heavy metals removal.
Equimolar quantities of benzil and substituted aromatic aldehyde, ammonium acetate were dissolved in glacial acetic acid and refluxed for 3-5 hours.
Saturated amino acid solutions were made by dissolving solid serine, cysteine, tyrosine, threonine, asparagine, glutamine, lysine, histidine, and glycine in 10 mM aqueous ammonium acetate.
The ester was reacted without purification and immediately treated with ammonium acetate in acetic acid to generate oxazole 4 (45% overall).