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one of the coiled chambered fossil shells of extinct mollusks


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Ciro's is on 'Les Planches' and is superbly chic, while Les Ammonites is virtually on the beach at nearby Benerville.
Adkins received from Frank Wingfield a small collection of ammonites of the genus Hysteroceras.
Relatives of the chambered nautilus, ammonites filled the seas during the Mesozoic era, the age of the dinosaurs.
There are signs that the 1,000-acre forest was once under water, with ammonites, or long dead marine creatures that have turned to stone, found locally.
The opening line is the war cry: ``It must be so; or these vile Ammonites (our lordly tyrants these 18 years) will crush the race of Israel.
In their paper, Ward and his coauthors report that the widespread, nautilus-like ammonites disappeared abruptly at the K-T boundary.
Her collection includes a mammoth's tooth and several ammonites - fossilised sea creatures related to squid and octopus, but extinct now.
However, when the team used the microfossil definition on Seymore, they found ammonites 20 meters above the boundary.
And while you're hardly likely to stumble across a T-Rex dropping or footprint, small marine fossils - including ammonites, belemnites and bivalves - could easily turn up.
O'Connell says another unusual aspectof the cruise was that in addition to the usual microfossils, researchers recovered macrofossils, including ammonites, which look like nautiluses, and squid-like belemnites.
Ancient Israelites understood their generational struggles against their enemies, especially the Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites.
In time Israel finds itself at war with the Ammonites and every available fighting man is needed.
In order to effectively and realistically depict the ammonites on the miniature sheet they were produced using multi-layer embossing and special perforation.
It may surprise us, if this is so, that no action was taken against the Ammonites prior to the campaign of Saul.
W]hile Old Age, Life and Times, Memory, Reading and Writing, and Six Things each rate a chapter in Dancing Fish and Ammonites, the important people in her life--her late husband, two children, six grandchildren and a best friend--figure only peripherally.