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Identifying sandeel Ammodytes marinus sediment habitat preferences in the marine environment.
Yoo, "The effects of alkaline treatment and potato-starch content on the quality of fish meat paste products prepared from Pacific sandlance Ammodytes personatus Girard," Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, vol.
Name Snake species Neurotoxin Crotoxin Crotalus durissus terrificus Ms[PLA.sub.2]-I Micrurus spixii Taipoxin Oxyuranus scutellatus Textilotoxin Pseudonaja textilis Ammodytoxin Viper a ammodytes [beta]-Bungarotoxin Bungarus multicinctus Notexin Notechis scutatus Myotoxin Myotoxin III Bothrops asper Myotoxin II B.
Remote camera observations revealed that the nestlings died shortly after consuming sand lance (Ammodytes hexapterus), a fish species known to biomagnify saxitoxin.
Diel vertical migration and feeding rhythm of the larvae of the Japanese sandeel Ammodytes personatus.
1991: Variation in the calorific value and total energy content of the lesser sandeel (Ammodytes marinus) and other fish preyed on by seabirds.--Journal of Zoology (London) 224: 501-517.
A lo largo de la decada de 1990, se observo que la reduccion en las tasas de crecimiento de los polluelos del arao de Brunnich en la Antartica, que coincidio con una disminucion en la cobertura de hielo en verano, pudo tambien relacionarse, al menos en parte, con un cambio progresivo en la composicion de su dieta; paso de alimentarse de bacalao de la Antartica (Boreogadus saida), su presa principal, a capelin (Ammodytes spp.), a pesar de no haber relacion con la biomasa disponible de ambas presas (Gaston et al., 2005).
The 18 papers discuss such topics as using cement-treated lightweight soils made from dredged clay, incorporating public health impact assessment into the optioneering process for a dredge licensing application, remediating river sediments containing dioxins and other chemical compounds as part of a large watershed restoration project, evaluating adverse effects of anoxic sediments on aestivating sand lance (Ammodytes personatus), sediment contamination due to oil-suspended particulate matter aggregation during oil spills in coastal waters, and evaluating the oil absorbing ability of peat using a column test.
With the exception of the sand eel Ammodytes tobianus the species present in sandy habitats were those associated with rocky substrata.
Interesting is the presence, in some cases, of the horned viper (Vipera ammodytes), found in limestone areas of the Danube, Nera Gorges, Minis Gorges and up to Caras Gorges, being a species strictly protected by law.
DA, Tridentiger kuroiwae, Eviota prasina, Entomacrodus striatus, Istiblennius bilitonesis, Lateolabrax japonicus, Apogon semilineatus, Pagrus major, Zoarces elongates, Ammodytes personatus, Trichiurus japonicus, Arctoscopus japonicus, Takifugu niphobles, Rudarius ercodes, and Paralichthys olivaceus) (Hara and Okiyama, 1998; Ishijima et al, 1998).
In addition, the changes in the North Atlantic oscillation winter index, resulting in higher winter temperatures, could influence sandeel (Ammodytes spp.) recruitment.
Yn amlach na pheidio bwydo mae'r llamhidyddion a'r dolffiniaid ac mi fyddan yn gwneud yn fawr o bysgod fel penwaig (Culpea harengus; herring), mecryll (Scomber scombrus; mackerel), llymraid (Ammodytes tobianus; sand-eel) a draenogiaid y mr (Dicentrarchus labrax; bass).