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primitive eellike freshwater or anadromous cyclostome having round sucking mouth with a rasping tongue

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Occurrence, relative abundance, and size of landlocked sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) ammocoetes in relation to stream characteristics in the Great Lakes.
denticulata were: chelipeds (10.3 [+ or -] 5.0 mm), carapace length (22.3 [+ or -] 5.6 mm), carapace width (19.6 [+ or -] 4.5 mm) and body length (29.0 [+ or -] 8.5 mm) and, for 17 specimens of ammocoetes in larval stages of G.
denticulata upon Geotria ammocoetes occurred in a confined unnatural space but the very fact of its occurrence points to the aeglids carnivorous capacity.
Descriptions and keys for ammocoetes of lampreys from British Columbia, Canada.
All American brook lampreys identified during this study were ammocoetes. No adults would have been present during the time of year collections were made since adult American brook lampreys spawn and die during the spring (Cochran et al.
Earlier reports (Marenchin & Sever 1981, and references therein), however, suggested that ammocoetes collected in Christiana Creek and Turkey Creek might be northern brook lampreys.
Eyed lampreys were identified to species by dentition; ammocoetes, in which developing eyes are covered with skin, were grouped into a single category.
Iodine metabolism of the endostyle of larval lampreys, Ammocoetes of Lampetra japonica.
In vertebrates, however, the mouth in ammocoete larvae, which are also suspension feeders, is exclusively innervated by efferent fibers (maxillomandibular nerve) from the CNS (Kuratani et al., 1998).