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the capital and largest city of Jordan

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The event at the Amman Stock Exchange is supported by the Government of Canada.
The licence allows Equiti to be a member of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE).
26 May 2010 - Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank (AFM:INDV) started trading on the Amman stock exchange today, almost 18 months after UAE-based Dubai Islamic Bank (DFM:DIB) acquired a controlling interest in its predecessor and re-branded it, Reuters reported.
Speakers include ADCO, PDO, Emirates Airlines, Ministry ofInterior, Bahrain, Roads and Transport Authority, UAE, Abu Dhabi CommercialBank, Amman Stock Exchange and Al Fahim Group.
Summary: DUBAI u Universal House Brokerage of Jordan announced on Sunday that it was ranked sixth among the 68 brokerage companies in kingdom by the Amman Stock Exchange.
Amman, 21 August: Amman Stock Exchange 's main index dropped 112 points, or 2.
Air Arabia staged an IPO in March and is listed on the Dubai Financial Market and Royal Jordanian launched an IPO in December and is listed on the Amman Stock Exchange.
Jordanian tax and regulatory are discussed at length as are the Amman stock exchange, as well as banking regulation and supervision.
CAB is listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) with a market capitalisation of US$ 386 million as of 30 September 2017.
The deal which was signed by CEO of the Amman Stock Exchange Nadir Azar, and Chief Executive Officer of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Robert Scharfe, also aims to train employees of the two bourses on issues pertaining to financial markets.
1999 -- Kuwait Stock Exchange signs a memorandum of understanding for cooperation with Jordan's Amman Stock Exchange.
The bank was formally founded in 1960 under the regulation of the Central Bank of Jordan and it is listed on Amman Stock Exchange.
The acquisition transaction was completed on Amman Stock Exchange in a deal worth $15 million.
The four exchanges, the Amman Stock Exchange, the Beirut Stock Exchange, Bourse des valeurs Mobilieres de Tunis and the Muscat Securities Market, will gain the benefits of the new system - ranging from customisation, project delivery and ten years of support.
The all-share index of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) closed week almost unchanged at 1,1994 points.