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a tricyclic antidepressant drug (trade name Elavil) with serious side effects

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The increase in serum and brain serotonin levels of rabbit administered sertraline, clozapine, imipramin and amitryptyline drugs may promote serotonin synthesis in the brain.
Dinan T, Mobayed M: Treatment resistence of depression after head injury: A preliminary study of amitryptyline response.
The Fatality Index (FTI) ranks amitryptyline (a TCAD) and tranylcypromine as the two highest-ranking drugs with "unacceptable risks" of [greater than] 40 deaths per million prescriptions per year.
I am currently taking Amitryptyline to help me sleep and ease the pain.
To examine potential interferences, the following drugs were added to a whole-blood sample containing 5 mg/L PSC and CsD: acetaminophen (164 mg/L), amikacin (29 mg/L), amitryptyline (470 [micro]g/L), chloramphenicol (55 mg/L), CsA (360 [micro]g/L), digoxin (2.