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an American follower of the Mennonite religion

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The future of the Amish church is robust: families have an average of seven children each and 85 percent of young people choose to join the church.
Multiple questions regarding Yoder's claims to accuracy have been raised, including his self-identification as someone who "still belong[s] to the Amish church," and his genealogical facticity.
Unfortunately the novel suffers from inconsistencies and amateur mistakes but shines when the story focuses on the Amish church elders and conflicts between old order and new.
When young adults decide to join the Amish church, they vow to comply with numerous practices and rules that order every day life.
This was also the fate of his interesting effort to put oral Amish church music into musical notational form so it would not be lost.
Soon after, we were honored to be invited to an Amish church service, conducted in High German.
They sing lullabies, Amish church hymns, and songs to children from infancy.
As a matter of faith, members of the Amish Church do not have to carry insurance, including unemployment or social security.