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United States writer of poems and plays about racial conflict (born in 1934)

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With a career that spanned almost fifty years, Amiri Baraka sported several titles; poet, playwright, novelist, dramatist, musical critic, activist and writer among others.
Other notables include Newark resident and Black Arts Movement founder Amiri Baraka and National Book Award finalist Dorianne Laux .
By comparison, if the conversion narrative has the potential to be coercive, or to win some form of consent (in a dominant American worldview, for example), then can we read Malcolm X, Oscar Zeta Acosta, Amiri Baraka, Richard Rodriguez, and other ethnic American life writers' use of the conversion narrative as instances of what Michel de Certeau calls "tactics" because they "poach in" the "strategic" discourses of American dominant culture?
Justin Driver illustrates in his review of Watts' Amiri Baraka (2001) that Baraka's politics have eroded the possibility of examining his poetry without being overcome by poor misreadings.
At Howard University in 1987, Bill Stephney found himself on a panel discussion with Amiri Baraka, dub poet Mutabaruka and musician James Mtume.
As a result, it has become customary to see the early sound collages, along with the MC battles that followed, simply as the latest adaptation of the vast ongoing conversation of the black musical tradition--what Amiri Baraka (aka LeRoi Jones) had called "the changing same.
Shepp is often linked ideologically with Black Arts Movement writer Amiri Baraka.
Many of these poems are dedicated to black, English-Language writers, to icons like Derek Walcott and Amiri Baraka or to younger, Canadian writers like Wade Compton or Suzette Mayr.
Prone to long hours of pondering the works of Amiri Baraka, W.
Kerouac the egoist, Ginsberg the mercenary, and Burroughs the reptile take heavy blows here; Gregory Corso, Diane DiPrima (whose erotic memoirs are parodied to devastating effect), and Amiri Baraka come up for pokes and jabs too.
On the other hand, using Amiri Baraka as a choric Rastaman to rally us at the end with "You've got to be a spirit.
Gaines' book and lyrics - occasionally trite, but at their best sounding like Public Enemy's Chuck D reciting Langston Hughes or Amiri Baraka.
It captures the traditional art of black storytelling in all its forms from around the world, from Chinua Achebe to Amiri Baraka.
Audiences enjoyed a musical history lesson as hosts Amiri Baraka and Sheila Anderson of WBGO introduced jazz greats James Moody, Cyrus Chestnut, John Lee, Dennis Mackrel, the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Ensemble tribute to Johnny Hodges, and TS Monk Band with special guest Alyson Williams.