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United States writer of poems and plays about racial conflict (born in 1934)

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his review, the so-called politics of Amiri Baraka are a form of praise,
Amiri Baraka shows up in black Canadian politics in the late 1960s and continuously after as a figure representing a black global consciousness concerned with producing freedom.
With a career that spanned almost fifty years, Amiri Baraka sported several titles; poet, playwright, novelist, dramatist, musical critic, activist and writer among others.
"From Amiri Baraka, I learned that all art is political, although I don't write political plays," the Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist August Wilson once said.
Digging collects eighty-four essays and reviews in which the poet playwright and critic Amiri Baraka makes an impassioned case for jazz as a central achievement of American culture.
Over the years, it has been dedicated to publishing culturally progressive and political works of fiction and nonfiction by a long list of distinguished authors, including Gwendolyn Brooks and poets Amiri Baraka. Sonia Sanchez, Mad Evans and Margaret Walker.
of Amiri Baraka: The Jazz Aesthetic, editor of The Leroi Jones/Amiri
Du Bois and writer Zora Neale Hurston, pulls over to take on 1960s Black Arts activists Amiri Baraka and H.
With: Kate Rigg, James Luna, Pipi Thomas, Danny Hoch, Havnani-Kay Trask, Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Raymond "Boots" Riley, Culture Clash, Andy Bumatal, Ahmed Ahmed, Beau Sin, Kamau Daoud, Amiri Baraka, Lalo Guerrero, Willie Perdomo, Mayda del Valle, Shabaka, Michael Franti.
At Howard University in 1987, Bill Stephney found himself on a panel discussion with Amiri Baraka, dub poet Mutabaruka and musician James Mtume.
Alston's murder came on the heels of several murders in the last two years of black gay, lesbian and transgendered persons, including 15-year-old Sakia Gunn; Shani Baraka (daughter of poet Amiri Baraka) and her partner, Rayshon Homes; and D.C.
Afterword by Amiri Baraka. Minneapolis: Coffee House Press (, 2004.
Amiri Baraka, The Essence of Reparations (Philipsburg, St.