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the domain controlled by an emir

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the office of an emir

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During most of the Mamluk period, Mecca was the seat of two polities simultaneously: the indigenous Sharifate of Mecca and the Mamluk-appointed Amirate.
In June 1916, Husayn revolted against the Ottoman government after it refused to guarantee him a hereditary, autonomous amirate (territory under the jurisdiction of an Islamic prince) in Hijaz.
c]Abbasid province of Ifriqiya and its successor, the Aghlabid amirate.
Here we find three chapters (by Winter, Philipp, and Crecelius) which all take for granted the validity of the long popular Holt-Ayalon thesis that a "neo-Mamluk" system re-emerged under the beylicate as "in many respects a continuation (or revival) of the high amirate of the Mamluk sultanate" (p.
This event will take place at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Amirates.
Islamic Maghreb Spokesman Says There Are Islamic Amirates in
Indeed, only the arrival of the first crusade in the late eleventh century brought the collapse of thriving Shi'a amirates centred upon Tyre and Tripoli, and the withdrawal of these communities into the rural hinterlands.
The unique design and fine workmanship of Bangladeshi gold jewellery attracted considerable attention from visitors from the Middle East, particularly those from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Amirates and Bahrain.