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Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt

being sour to the taste

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having the characteristics of an acid

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Budhrani et al., "Use of aminocaproic acid in combination with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in a case of leptospirosis pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome," Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine, vol.
Prior hemorrhagic cystitis treatment Treatment Intravesical formalin instillation (N=8) Continuous bladder irrigation, n (%) 8 (100) Cystoscopy + clot evacuation, n (%) 8 (100) Intravesical alum, n (%) 6 (75) Silver nitrate, n (%) 4 (50) Aminocaproic acid, n (%) 2 (25) Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, n (%) 2 (25) Table 3.
Antifibrinolytic agents (aprotinin, tranexamic acid and Epsilon aminocaproic acid) have the best evidence supporting their use, especially in cardiac surgery, liver transplantation and some orthopaedic surgical procedures.
Among our study population, the rebleeding rate was 3.3%, which is similar to the rate of rebleeding in the previous studies that used oral tranexamic acid, systemic aminocaproid acid, topical aminocaproic acid, and systemic corticosteroid to prevent rebleeding in patients with traumatic hyphema.
Operative details included operative length, cold and warm ischemia time, blood products administered (red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelets, and cryoglobulin), procoagulants administered (aminocaproic acid, Hospira, Lake Forest, IL, USA, and conjugated estrogens, Pfizer Canada, Kirkland, QC, Canada), epigastric surgical history (defined as a nonlaparoscopic, noncholecystectomy foregut intervention), vascular reconstruction (arterial conduit and/or mesenteric venous bypass), and retransplantation.
The role of Desmopressin (DDAVP) and Epsilon aminocaproic acid (AMICAR[R]) in controlling post CABG bleeding is unclear.
Eleven of 19 patients treated with aminocaproic acid, desmopressin acetate, or oral contraceptives achieved menstrual control.
Aprotinin, tranexamic acid ve epsilon aminocaproic acid (EACA) gibi antifibrinolitikler, KPB sonrasi mikrovaskuler kanamayi azaltmak igin kullanilmaktadir.
To limit blood loss aprotinin was given to 1,295 patients, and 1,705 received two alternative generic drugs - aminocaproic acid or tranexamic acid - that are as effective as but far less expensive than aprotinin.
All patients with bleeding disorders may benefit at times from using aminocaproic acid (Amicar[R]), an oral antifibrinolytic medication that helps stabilize clots.
The 13th edition of the AABB Technical Manual lists a procedure for the treatment of incompletely clotted specimens using thrombin, 1-percent protamine sulfate, glass beads, and epsilon aminocaproic acid (EACA), which may be useful if testing facilities are still using clot tubes rather than EDTA.
[3] Studies have showed that antifibrinolytic therapy such as tranexamic acid, aminocaproic acid, recombinant factor VII, and platelet transfusions is the beneficial therapies for a patient with GT.
Aminocaproic acid (Amicar) is an antifibrinolytic agent used for the treatment of excessive bleeding (3).