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In an effort to find new thermally stable nonlinear optical materials, a series of aminoacid derivatives of tetrafluoroborates were synthesized.
We have described the sequencing in proteins as being like a language using aminoacid letters.
The crystal structure reveals that one hydroxyl side group in cyclosporin actually forms a hydrogen bond with its aminoacid backbone and not with cyclophilin.
Combined with the macroeconomic situation, feedstuff market conditions and status of animal farming industry, this report gives an in-depth analysis and review of China's feed market in 2010, from the point of production, consumption, trade and prices of Chinese feed industry, and feed raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, feeding fish meal, meat & bone meal and feed-grade aminoacid that affect feed production cost.
The objective was achieved by adding aminoacid biological pieces in the structure of the polymer.
MMT was modified by using an aminoacid, L-phenyl alanine, to induce condensation reactions between its carboxyl end group and the hydroxyl groups of formaldehyde and so, compatibility with the phenolic resin matrix could be increased.
Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) that is synthesized from the essential amino aminoacid L-tryrophan is a vasoconstrictor and an effective stimulant for the smooth muscles (4) and it could play a role in no-reflow phenomenon.
In [alpha]--tubulin molecules aminoacid residues 418-432 form the C--terminal helix H12 and aminoacid residues 433-451 comprise the [alpha]--tubulin tail.
To examine this relationship, researchers at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville decided to follow the effect of aluminum ions on microtubules, which are repeatedly assembled and disassembled within the cell using aminoacid chains called tubulin.
Most biosurfactants are either anionic or neutral and the hydrophobic moiety is based on long chain fatty acids or fatty acid derivatives whereas the hydrophilic portion can be a carbohydrate, aminoacid, lipid, phosphate or cyclic peptide.
Aminoacid polymorphisms of insulin receptor substrate-1 in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
A mutant genotype that has a mutation at nucleotide position 165 (change from A to G, corresponding to a change from Thr to Ala at aminoacid position 55) was shown, after digestion with AccI, by only one uncut fragment of 269 bp, and after digestion with HaeIII, by the two fragments of 173 bp and 96 bp.
Urodilatin is a 32 aminoacid peptide that is produced in renal tubules and does not appear to have clinical utility for heart failure.