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To determine whether the peptide bond or the amino acid residue of silk peptide is responsible for the co-initiating function, we investigated the photo-initiating ability of four essential amino acids of silk peptide, glycine, alanine, serine, and tyrosine, as well as of four pentapeptides synthesized using these amino acids as substrate, respectively.
Molecules that contain sugar units linked to amino acids or amino acid residues through carbon carbon sigma bond termed as C-glycopeptoid.
Thus, the docking site was composed of amino acid residues located 8 [Angstrom] from the central point.
All, including the very recent ones, concluded that the nature of amino acid residues in aa position 70 of HCV core can help to distinguish patients who can still benefit from the affordable IFN-based therapy from those who must be treated with DAAs to prevent the evolution towards the end-stage liver disease [25].
([section]) Amino acid residue 134 in influenza type B NA corresponds to residue Q136 in N1 and N2 NA amino acid numbering (6).
[alpha]-Synuclein consists of 140 amino acid residues [24] organized in three structural regions: an amphipathic amino-terminal domain from 1 to 60 amino acid residues, responsible for the binding of [alpha]-synuclein to lipid vesicles [25, 26]; the NAC (non-amyloid-[beta] component) region from 61 to 95 amino acid residues, also found in amyloid plaques of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease [27] and responsible for [alpha]-synuclein aggregation and [beta] sheets arrangement [28]; and the carboxy-terminal domain from 96 to 140 amino acid residues, which is the main target for the protein phosphorylation [29, 30] (Figure 1(a)).
Most are cationic and amphipathic containing a significant number of positively charged and hydrophobic amino acid residues; often the C-terminus is amidated effectively removing a membrane-repelling negative charge and replacing this with a hydrophobic membrane-interacting group; those that display antifungal activity often contain a high proportion of polar neutral amino acid residues [7-9].
Each structure is abstracted to a collection of points in three-dimensional (3D) space, corresponding to the C-alpha coordinates of all its constituent amino acid residues (i.e., coarse graining of the protein structure at the residue level).
In BIB regions 3/10 helices are usually separated from both beta strands by a single amino acid residue (see Figures 3(a) and 3(c)).
Therefore, in order to evaluate the functional contribution of particular amino acid residue to inhibition, alanine scanning experiments were performed on these inhibitor proteins, with a focus on the region containing the cysteine residue or homologous region (Tables 1 and 2).
Glycine is the smallest amino acid residue, devoid of side, and is flexible which aids in relaxation of steric hindrance of thermophilic enzymes and increases stability [42].
Replacement of a proline amino acid residue by aspartic acid disrupts an important interaction between monomer peptide chains, allowing rapid dissociation of hexamers and dimers into monomers.
LHR I and LHR II motif were found at the amino acid residue positions 289-293 and 462-517 of the translated polypeptide sequences.
An amino acid residue is that part of an amino acid that is not incorporated into the peptide bond or protein chain.