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section]) Amino acid residue 134 in influenza type B NA corresponds to residue Q136 in N1 and N2 NA amino acid numbering (6).
15 kDa protein composed of 165 amino acid residues with further modifications after translation.
Table 3 Logarithm of free binding energies (kcal/mol) to the active cavity and the Phe120 amino acid residue of human CYP2D6 (PDB code 2F9Q).
The ORF encoded a predicted polypeptide of 545 amino acid residues, with a predicted molecular mass of 60, 13 kDa and pI of 6.
This action conveys a positive charge to the amino acid residue carrying the nitrogen atom, shown as--[NH.
Overall homology at the amino acid residue level inside the group of natural oligopeptides might be high and low.
21 SNPs were identified, which affect the amino acid sequence, together with a 3 nucleotide deletion affecting amino acid residues 133 and 134, replacing K and A with a T residue and a 1-base deletion creating a premature stop codon, which would produce a truncated (presumably inactive) protein, as summarized in Figure 1.
2], having a different amino acid residue sequence from [[Alpha].
ATP to an amino acid residue, such as serine, threonine or tyrosine.
1, steps vii and viii) to yield HA1 (327 amino acids) and HA2 (222 amino acids), which are still linked by a disulphide bond; most influenza viruses contain a single basic amino acid residue (arginine, rarely lysine) at the cleavage site.
One site involves a sugar at a spot called amino acid residue 160.
Osta's researchers discovered a key role of mid- and carboxyl regions of PTHrP on growth retardation and early senescence in mice created by inserting a premature termination codon TGA in the PTHrP gene corresponding to the codon encoding amino acid residue 85 of the mature protein and creating a "knock-in"(KI) mouse expressing truncated segment containing 1-84 residues of the mature form of the PTHrP protein.
Amino acid residue analysis of representative strains of each known genotype including the vaccinal ones was compared by BioEdit.