essential amino acid

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an amino acid that is required by animals but that they cannot synthesize

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However, the amino acid profiles of the cactus fruit of the current study was lower than the FAO/WHO [28] reference pattern, but this fruit can be used in combination with other protein foods to achieve the amino acids requirement level.
87 Table 3: Amino Acid Profile of Irvigna gabonesis (ogbono), and Citrullus colocynthis (melon), Using Amino Acid Analyzer, Technicon TSM-1, (Model: DNA 0209), (Concentration in g/100g protein).
Also, the amino acid profile of this vegetable is comparable to the USDA requirements for unprepared veggie burgers.
Anincreased plasma argininosuccinate concentration could differentiate these deficiencies, but that did not appear in the amino acid profile.
Proteins also occur in xylem, and the amino acid profiles of proteins were far more balanced than the free amino acid pool.
Mushrooms are actually quite good for you and have an amino acid profile that rivals beans.
is a gluten-free grain offering a high nutritional value and a better amino acid profile than whole milk.
The new buffer system enables the total analysis time for a full amino acid profile to be reduced by up to 30%, which is equivalent to seven additional runs per day.
This novel ingredient is derived from a wax from China, utilized for centuries by local communities as a nutrition source due to its high protein and amino acid profile.
Sports drinks or snacks should therefore contain complex carbs as well as proteins with an amino acid profile similar to that of muscle, as found in milk and egg products.
These are equipped with a complete amino acid profile, are embraced for its health benefits, and are versatile due to its functional properties.
Protein quality depends on digestibility, amino acid profile and content.
In view of the foregoing, the amino acid profile of heat and chemically treated Jatropha cucas seed cake in comparison to the untreated cake was investigated.
The amino acid profile of soy protein is nearly equivalent in quality to that of meat, milk and egg protein.
Table 3 presents the amino acid profile of raw and fermented SBM.