essential amino acid

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an amino acid that is required by animals but that they cannot synthesize

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Protein content was high in all meals, especially in the tuna meal, and the amino acid profile of all meals was superior to FAO standard.
The reasons for best FCR with the 75% replacement level may be due to a more optimal supply of essential amino acid profile (particularly tryptophane), nutrient digestibility and an increased rate of protein accumulation (Khan et al.
In this study, protein content of amniotic fluid from late-incubation eggs from different strains of broiler breeders did not differ, although, values were marginally higher in Ross 308 and this result reflected in the amino acid profile.
Muhammad NO and OB Oloyede Protein fractions and amino acid profile ofAspergillus niger-fermented Terminalia catappa seed meal.
It is accepted that the amino acid profile of food proteins provides an important perspective of nutritional value, but imprecise and uncertain accuracy of analytical procedures and the hydrolysis method used can give variations in amino acid data for the regulation of protein quality.
Predictive properties of plasma amino acid profile for cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.
This amino acid profile, combined with pea protein's highly bioavailable protein, makes it ideal for both muscle building and dieting.
Results regarding amino acid profile of spirulina and spirulina protein isolates are given in Table 4 and 5.
Mean amino acid profile (mg/g) of different freshwater Indus fish species of two weight categories (W1= 10052.
In fact, our research team has established the amino acid profile and functional activities of some Philippine native and exotic species of edible mushrooms namely: Schizophyllum commune, Lentinus tigrinus, Lentinus sajor caju, Ganoderma lucidum, Pleurotus florida, Coprinus comatus and Collybia reinakeana [18,19,20].
20 (a) Amino acid profile was analyzed at the Agricultural Experiment Station Chemical Laboratories, University of Missouri (Columbia, MO, USA).
Matching the dietary amino acid profile to that required by fowls is crucial for maximizing their performance (Baker, 1997).
obtusifolia was collected during the month of September and dried in open air for one week before it was de-husked and the seeds taken to laboratory for proximate composition and amino acid profile.