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a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals

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The surface of ATP was coated with APTES by a dealcoholization reaction to obtain primary amine groups modified ATP according to the reported procedure [35, 36], Typically, 2 g ATP was suspended in 100 ntL xylene in a 250 mL round bottom Bask under the condition of ultrasound dispersion.
The amine groups of AFAAC are expected to participate in the curing reaction of epoxy.
On the other hand, this homopolymerization can also create a nonuniform structure, since fewer epoxy groups form crosslinks with amine curing agent, possibly resulting in some free amine groups in the final structure.
The shift was more for CB 414 relative to CB 411 due to the presence of additional amine groups (from 6PPD).
Besides, more reactive amine groups in the aminated lignin molecular improved crosslinking density of epoxy resins, making the degradation of polymer much more difficult.
1]), proving interaction between amine groups of AGM-9 and epoxy functions of the resin was recognized (Fig.
This was explained by the consumption of the more reactive amine group with anther less reactive one.
pa2] are molar absorptivity and concentration of primary amine group.
The amine group of chitosan play Pivotal role in the antibacterial mechanism of chitosan.
Polyamines are linear molecules containing more than one amine group (nitrogen atom).
Most of the accelerators used in sulfur cure systems contain an amine group.
As described in Scheme lb, the synthesis route developed in the study is based on the polycondense between two types of groups: the amine group of p-phenylene diamine and the chlorine atom of the boron trichloride.
The strong emission at 328 nm has been attributed to bisphenol and the weak emission around 403 nm to an amine group [30].
This work is concerned with the application of aminoglycolysis or simultaneous aminoglycolysis-hydrolysis with the amine group containing diol, diethanolamine (DEA), to waste PET in the presence of xylene with the aim of hydroxyl and/or carboxyl end group as well as the amine group containing intermediates which could be used for preparing polyurethane resins.
According to the supplier, the concentration of the terminal amine group in the PA6 is [[NH.