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a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals

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Seeking to look for evidence of reactions and/or interactions between succinic anhydride/succinic acid and amine groups, samples of PP, PP/PPMAH, PP/TIN (HALS) and PP/PPMAH/ TIN (HALS) were processed in Haake Torque Rheometer at the same processing temperature and with the same concentrations used; films of these samples were obtained through pressing and analyzed via infrared.
The authors hope that this set of rules-molecules should be positively charged, contain an amine group, and be rigid and non-globular-will spur the conversion of other Gram-positive-only antibacterials into broad spectrum drugs.
The most efficient functional group for the removal of Cu (II) ion is neutral nitrogen of amine group with a lone pair electron [34 35 36].
Functionalization was carried out through addition of amine group from 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane, refluxed in toluene and stirred for 20h as method referred [15].
BODIPY was employed in a reaction with ethylenediamine resulting in a BODIPY with a free amine group, which reacted with N-succinimidyl maleimidoacetate, a crosslinking reagent that inserts a maleimide group into the molecule via an amide linkage (Figure 15).
The presence of amine group is expected to interact with acidic groups on the carbon black surface, resulting in an increase in the pH of the medium, which is actually seen (table 6).
Last year, Payne and graduate student Wei-Qiang Sun began to harness the reactivity of chitosan's amine group to help streamline chemical manufacturing.
It was found that oxirane ring undergoes nucleophilic attack by the primary amine groups of chitosan and the degree of crosslinking increased with increase in curing time, curing temperature and concentration of chitosan.
Chitosan is a unique material that is well suited for biological microdevices due to its ability to be selectivity deposited and its high density of amine groups, which provide active bonding site [1] and has the ability to retain its natural properties even after processed into film [2].
4] alkoxy group and at least one primary, secondary or tertiary amine group, the particulate filler material present in the composition at a level of from 0.
Probably, high viscosity of WK/PS5-40 paint was caused by the presence of amine group in a molecule of a solvolytic agent and/or in PUR foam solvolysis products.
It was observed a significant increase in the grafting of amine group by increasing the molar ratio till 1:1.
In addition, the proximity of the amine group to the carbonyl group (two carbon separation) reduces the amine reactivity due to inductive effects.
Ethanox 703, a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant incorporating an amine group, offers bifunctional activity.