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a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals

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It seems that free amine groups on the graphene surface were still not saturated with the primary antibody (anti-c in this case), which gave the unexpected response.
The PEC formation occurs when protonated amine group of CH interacts electrostatically with the negatively charged carboxylic group of OKG as depicted in Figure 1.
The authors hope that this set of rules-molecules should be positively charged, contain an amine group, and be rigid and non-globular-will spur the conversion of other Gram-positive-only antibacterials into broad spectrum drugs.
The broad band of chitosan, cross-linked chitosan, and grafted cross-linked chitosan at wavelengths 3384 [cm.sup.-1], 3385 [cm.sup.-1], and 3389 [cm.sup.-1] indicates the presence of exchangeable protons which is from alcohol and amine group. The slight shift in band may be due to exchangeable protons in the modification process.
Functionalization was carried out through addition of amine group from 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane, refluxed in toluene and stirred for 20h as method referred [15].
The NHS-functionalized DY-831 and certain other infrared dyes were susceptible to attack by the primary amine group of the functionalized siloxane APS.
The reason of less interaction of the drug with SA is possibly, as mentioned before, the higher chain length of the SA, which has a less electronegativity effect on the amine group of this fatty amine and, consequently, the positive charge of the amine group in SA is weaker than DDA to bind with the drug through hydrogen bond and other interactions.
It means that accumulation of amine groups on the surface of MWCNTs intensifies the catalyzing effect during the epoxy cure reaction.
BODIPY was employed in a reaction with ethylenediamine resulting in a BODIPY with a free amine group, which reacted with N-succinimidyl maleimidoacetate, a crosslinking reagent that inserts a maleimide group into the molecule via an amide linkage (Figure 15).
As seen in (1), two amine groups may react with one C[O.sub.2] molecule to form carbamate, whereas in (2), only one amine group is needed to bind one C[O.sub.2] molecule.
To generate a more robust immunity, we report here a preliminary characterization of a nanocarrier based on water-soluble chitosan, the protonation of the amine group which imparts a positive charge presumably responsible for boosting immunogenicity (12).
The observation indicates the 1:1 complex formation between hydroxyl group of 1octanol and the amine group of aniline subsistent.
In CB 414 and CB 416, the iodine number was slightly higher than those of CB 411 and CB 415, respectively, which may be due to deactivation of surface oxygen groups in the presence of an amine group.
Hypersensitivity reactions occur when the aromatic amine group is oxidized into hydroxylamine metabolites by the liver.
"You can do chemistry on the amine group or you can do chemistry on the hydroxyl [side group]," says William H.