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The Poeciliidae, Esocidae, Ictaluridae, Catostomidae, Percidae and the Amiidae had one species each.
Volume 10 (Fowler and Bean, 1930; volume 9 was not on fishes) covered the Amiidae (= Apogonidae), Chandidae, Duleidae (= Kuhliidae), and Serranidae.
platostomus, shortnose gar 159 15 63 Amiidae Amia calva, bowfin 7 4 3 Hiodontidae Hiodon alosoides, goldeye 18 H.
-- SMU 72851, 72875, 72876, vertebrae; ?SMU 72857, ?72866, ?72871, ?72893, isolated teeth tentatively referred to the Amiidae.
platostomus Rafinesque, W, S shortnose gar Order Amiiformes (bowfin) Family Amiidae (bowfin) Amia calva Linnaeus, bowfin N, S Order Osteoglossiformes (mooneye) Family Hiodontidae (mooneye) Hiodon alosoides (Rafinesque), S goldeye H.