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Synonyms for amigo

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

Words related to amigo

a friend or comrade

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Despues hubo verosimilmente en todos los paises algunas mujeres pobres que por su edad u otra razon no se podian destinar a otra cosa, y con la esperanza de alguna recompensa o retribucion se dedicaron a recoger y custodiar los ninos pequenos de las vecinas o conocidas que les daban este encargo; y las Dameschools inglesas, las Salles d'asile francesas, y nuestras Escuelas de amigas en algunos puntos de Espana, no han tenido en realidad otro objeto y han estado reducidas a este servicio.
Una queridisima amiga me cuenta que ha dado un giro gigante a su vida.
Entre Amigas serves the Spanish-speaking immigrant communities in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.
Martina Young and Jeanmarie Simpson, Amigas is adapted from an exchange of letters by Marjorie Agosin and Emma Sepulveda, professors of Spanish at Wellesley College and University of Nevada, Reno, respectively.
Amigas. What I mean are letters as evidence of a lived, recorded life --
"Cuatro amigas" tracks four female friends and their relationships with men, Produced by Marcelo Tinelli's Ideas del Sup, local critics de, scribe it as a cross between "Ally McBeal" and "Sex and the City."
Dubbed as the Amigas, the players and coaching staff will hold three-day course for teachers and coaches from June 1 to 3 at Philsports Arena in Pasig.
and its partners in the Tres Amigas SuperStation project wait for federal approval to build a hub in New Mexico that will link the nation's three major electric power grids, project officials are soliciting private funding for the $600 million project and negotiating with electric transmission contractors and renewable energy suppliers.