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a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a captain and below a rear admiral

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'Digital literacy goes beyond just knowing how to use the online platforms,' said Mano Amiga cofounder and executive director Lynn Pinugu.
Did Andy Warhol really have an Amiga computer in the 1980s, as I had long heard rumored?
PALABRAS CLAVE: siglos XVI-XX, espacios femeninos, escuelas de amiga, escuelas de parvulos, escuelas de ninas, Espana.
Querida amiga me cuenta, desde su ambiente de emancipacion, que cuando estaba limpiando el palomar y volviendolo un lugar aceptablemente habitable, ha descubierto un monton de pajaros atados al palo que sostiene la casita de las palomas.
"Some people said that the old Amiga should go in a museum or something," he jokes.
After making the rounds touring behind the Iron Curtain, Reed chose to settle in East Germany, where he became a compliant ward of the state, recording for the GDR'S lone record label (Amiga) and propagandizing for the regime.
June 9-10: Brief Family Therapy with Self-Harming Adolescents: Vancouver; The Amiga Centre for Professional Development, Inc;
The original wowed Atari and Amiga owners ages ago; now the revamped sequel takes full advantage of advances in technology, blowing away the competition as far as 3-D action adventures are concerned.
FARDA AMIGA (Broad Brush-Fly North, by Pleasant Colony), the champion three-year-old filly of North America in 2002, has given birth to her first foal.The daughter of Gone West was born on Sunday at Taylor Made Farm in Kentucky, according to the Blood-Horse website.
My name is Guadalupe Apaza, and I am responsible for the program, "Amiga Esperanza" (Your Friend Hope), which is broadcast Saturdays and Sundays on Radio Juliaca S.A.