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the primary linkage of all protein structures

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The reactive acrylic acid grafted group reacts with the amine end groups of the PA6 chains, increasing the concentration of the amide groups and hence their absorption.
Essentially the free radical attacks a double bond on a monomer and the electron moves on to another monomer, the process is continued until the end result is a chain of cyclic amide groups which is attached to the hydrophobic back bone [11].
But because the amide group is responsible for the affinity that these polymers have for moisture, nylon 6/12 is more resistant to moisture gain and the associated changes in dimensions and mechanical properties that are experienced with nylon 4/6 and nylon 6/6.
This might be cowhide has highest amount of the molecular absorption for the functional group of carbonyl, amide group, or aromatic aldehyde based on in-plane deformation of vibration.
Reaction at 162[degrees]C appears to provide an example of a transannular reaction between two amide groups of cyclic ethylene glutaramide.
3] end group of p-xylene) ~1865, 1791, 1700 C=O stretching of anhydride group ~1737, 1702 C=O stretching of amide group ~1635 C=C stretching ~1390, 1435 CH, [CH.
Taking into account the microstructures of these copolymers, the intermolecular hydrogen bond between the carbonyl group of MMA and the amide group of MAAM has a larger probability of occurring than the self-association through hydrogen bonding of pure PMAAM (15).
At low wavelengths, this can be the amide group itself, while impurities, such as coloured species created during manufacture or processing, can account for energy absorption at longer wavelengths.
Mitsui says the key is introduction of an aromatic ring ester group or amide group into the polyol.
65 ppm), and the proton of amide group appeared at the highest ppm value (10.
It was concluded that the interaction of water with nylon took place at the amide group.
With the increase in AA contents, the voiding is obvious because the functional monomer (AA) was reacted with the end amide group of PA 6 (Fig.
1] is the molar mass of polyamide per amide group (PA66 has two amide groups per monomer).
However, in the case of the amide group, both the crystalline and amorphous peaks could be measured without problem.