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any organic compound containing the group -CONH2

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Since one big advantage of the amidation of solid PET is that it proceeds basically like the polycondensation of TPA, this means that the temperature range for the process is limited to 210-255[degrees]C (above which PET melts).
RI] are the heat of reaction absorbed by the amidation and imidization reactions (Table 1).
The diacid-diester PAA (DADEPAA) was prepared from BTDA and ODA in a two-step process consisting of an initial esterification step and a subsequent amidation step.
In general, major approaches include: (i) amidation or esteri-fication of carboxylated CNTs, (ii) side-wall covalent attachment of functional groups directly to the pristine CNTs.
The amine-acid condensation is such a complex process, involving at least the ionic-nonionic equilibrium of the monomers (Scheme 3) and, in the amidation reaction, the steps of amine addition and water elimination.
The bubble growth process is concurrent with the increase in molecular weight due to secondary amidation.
The chemical functionalization of MWCNTs by oxidation and amidation was characterized using FT-IR, TEM, and TGA.
Ogonowski AA, May SW, Moore AB, Barret LT, Bryant CL, Pollock SH (1997) Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of an inhibitor of neuropeptide amidation.
The traditional process for creating PAMAM dendrimers includes an amidation step that involves thermodynamically driven, lower reaction rate, chemistry, accompanied by long reaction times involving non-differentiated, difunctional intermediates (i.
In addition, stable hybrid materials can be produced by amidation with amino acids and proteins, or protein hydrolysates and fatty amines.
The reaction may be a direct amination of the oligosaccharide, with the formation of a glycosylamine and optional N-acylation, or a reductive amination of the oligosaccharide, a glycitylamine being obtained, or alternatively an amidation of a glyconic acid.
The construction of an EDA-core PAMAM dendrimer consists of two consecutive steps: Michael addition of primary amine (EDA in the very first step) to methyl acrylate followed by the amidation of the formed multiester (tetraester at the very beginning) with EDA (Fig.
aureus strains, namely the amidation of the a-carboxyl of D-[Glu.
Presently, C-terminal peptide amidation poses a challenge in pharmaceutical production due to limitations of the two enzymes used for this purpose.