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any organic compound containing the group -CONH2

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In a comparative study, it was found that EcPIN1c contained eight PKC phosphorylation sites whereas EcPIN1d contained nine; EcPIN1c contained three CK2 phospho sites whereas EcPIN1d contained five; EcPIN1c contained two amidation sites whereas EcPIN1d contained only one; EcPIN1c contained fourteen myristoylation sites whereas EcPIN1d contained only eleven.
Sun, Attaching proteins to carbon nanotubes via diimide-activated amidation, Nano Lett., 2, 311 (2002).
All these mature peptides deduced from cloned skin secretion cDNAs were found to have a C-terminal amidation in the corresponding reversed-phase HPLC fractions by the subsequent mass spectrometric analysis as shown in Figures 5 and 6.
It is noted that to work at a molar ratio DEA/ OA lower than 7, it would be beneficial to employ a high temperature in the range of 70"90[degrees]C for amidation. The contour response is also consistent with results of analysis of variance which states that temperature is a significant variable for this solvent-free system (P = 0.009).
They generally focused on using the unusual amino acids such as D-forms, acetylation or amidation of the terminal regions, increasing the peptide stability against proteases, immobilization of AMPs on solid materials, using the modern drug delivery systems, such as liposome encapsulation or nanoparticles (Seo et al.
Though the current proteome-wide statistics analysis of UniProtKB database for experimental PTMs shows the following PTMs are dominated by Phosphorylation, Acetylation, N-linked glycosylation, Amidation and Hydroxylation, the putative PTMs are first dominated by N-linked glyco-sylation (72).
Peptides from ELISA verified binding phages were synthesized containing the additional Gly-Gly-Gly-Ser spacer at the C-terminal and amidation of the carboxylate to block the negative charge, as suggested by the manufacturer to mimic the context of presentation in the M13 pIII protein.
Similarly, VitC is required for the conversion of the neurotransmitter dopamine to noradrenalin (dopamine beta-monooxygenase (DBH)), the metabolism of tyrosine and the amidation of peptide hormones.
Fe@MWCNT hybrids of 5FU and Purp, formed via nitrene chemistry, appear as the most suitable rapid response magnetic drug delivery systems in the locoregional therapy against Me45 and HCT116+ cells, while hybrids of oxidized Fe@MWCNTs and 4-nitro- and 4-(N-morpholinyl)-1,8-naphthalimide DNA intercalator formed via amidation against Caco-2 cells.
The potential modification sites of the protein are shown, including the phosphorylation site, amidation site, and myristyl site.
Several technologies are available to produce biodiesel, such as transesterification, amidation with dimethylamine, catalysing pyrolysis, and transesterification in supercritical methanol.
Pectins are typically categorized into groups according to the degree of esterification and amidation. These include high methoxyl (HM) pectins and low methoxyl pectins (LM), which can gel at higher pH levels and have lower sugar requirements, making them suitable for low-calorie options.
In this work, the fatty acids, which are part of sunflower-seed oil, treated to amidation:
GLP-1 amidation efficiency along the length of the intestine