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an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case

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The decision of whether to accept amicus briefs is within the broad discretion of the district court.
This is especially true for amicus briefs. Ideally, amici truly are the friends of the court that their name suggests.
Attorney General Frosh Joins Supreme Court Amicus Brief inTransgender Rights Case, Gloucester Schools v.
* On August 27, 2018, the IADC filed an amicus brief in Kim v.
Other amicus briefs filed July 30 were from the International Municipal Lawyers Association, joined by the International City/County Management Association and the National Sheriffs Association; the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association and the Oklahoma District Attorneys Association, joined by 10 Oklahoma district attorneys and the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association; the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma, joined by the State Chamber of Oklahoma and other parties; and the United States of America.
"In New Jersey alone, enjoining DACA would force tens of thousands of taxpaying employees out of the workforce, and would result in an estimated decrease of $1.6 billion in New Jersey's GDP each year," reads the amicus brief, filed on July 20 by the Roseland-based Lowenstein Sandler law firm.
(5) The Korematsu Center contemplated an amicus brief that would remind courts of this history as part of an effort to keep our country from repeating its mistakes.
Cornerstone Credit Union League, which represents credit unions in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, filed an amicus brief this week with CUNA in a case against Houston-based BCM Federal Credit Union.
Thomas School of Law and also authored ten other amicus briefs on pro-life issues including representing the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons et al., in Stenberg v.
Insurer Market Synergy urged a Kansas judge Friday to throw out the "barrage" of amicus briefs filed by supporters of DOL's rule on the basis that the briefs are "irrelevant" to Market Synergy's request to preliminarily halt the rule's implementation.
CalCPA, along with the AICPA, recently sought leave to file an amicus brief in a case pending before the U.S.
Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc., or CLINIC, similarly joined an amicus brief with more than 325 immigration, civil rights, labor and social service organizations in urging the court to uphold the Obama administration's executive actions.
But Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America which also filed an amicus brief, said those facilities would not be able to meet the demand in Texas if the abortion law is upheld.
NPA filed an Amicus brief to the court in October 2014 arguing that the actions by the FTC conflicted with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA); were contrary to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA); and posed significant threat to the industry and consumers.
ACA supported the petitioners and filed an amicus brief in the case.