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an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case

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The work of CalCPA and the Amicus Curiae Committee translated into a successful result and ruling that will impact many CPAs providing services in this area.
Amicus estimates that EB may represent a potential USD 1bn+ global market opportunity based on third party market research.
If the Priority Review voucher is obtained and subsequently sold, Amicus will pay Scioderm shareholders the lesser of USD 100m or 50% of the proceeds of such sale.
Domino's case, the International Franchise Association (IFA) (whose members include both franchisors and franchisees) and individual franchisees filed amicus briefs explaining how a rule of expanded liability would lead to unwelcome changes in the franchise relationship, and reduce franchisor advice and support for franchisees, which was an important part of the bargain for franchisees.
The amicus briefs from the IFA and franchisees lent important support to that reasoning.
The amicus curiae report submitted to the apex court had pointed out that the smuggling of gold out of the temple premises was with the knowledge of the "top echelons" of the administration.
Raju who was quoted in the amicus curiae report of having received 17kg of gold for ornament-making, said he was quoted out of context in the report.
Supreme Court amicus practice has increased substantially since
general joined the amicus brief supporting a federal constitutional
10) Comparably, the non-governmental organisations ('NCOS') seeking amicus curiae status in Chevron v Ecuador did not receive it because they were deemed ill-equipped to comment on the jurisdictional matters at issue in that arbitration.
From 2007 to 2011, the Florida Supreme Court mentioned amicus briefs in 14 majority opinions.
According to the Supreme Court appointed Amicus Curiae's report, which was released on Monday, there was a need for examining Modi's role in the wake of the Godhra train burning.
The role of the amicus brief in litigation before the United States Supreme Court has changed significantly over time.
For example, affiliates and member companies can make use of our Amicus (friend-of-the-court) Brief Program.
An amicus can alert the court, as the parties perhaps cannot or would not wish to, that a large issue lurks in an appeal; that a case of seeming insignificance has potentially wide ramifications and will likely have major impact when a ruling is applied in other factual settings; or that a case of obvious major significance could conceivably have wholly unanticipated effects.