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Addressing the people of Argentina, President Kirchner reiterated that the AMIA case has become a political stage for some people who are trying to produce fake evidence to achieve their goals.
Dedicated road feeder services between Dubai International Airport and AMIA for connecting cargoes will be introduced to maintain the existing transshipment times between freighters to the passenger fleet and vice versa, said Sultan.
Two years later, they targeted the AMIA Jewish community center, killing 85 people.
Police said the warrant alleged that on or before July 18, 1994, Soleimanpur conspired with others to murder people at the AMIA Jewish center when he was ambassador to Argentina.
"It has been 20 years since we have recorded this type of performance," said AMIA president Flores.
Also in February, an advisor to the former Argentinean president disclosed that Israel's internal spy agency, Shin Bet, was responsible for the AMIA blast.
Much of the funding for the AMIA operation appears to have flowed through bank accounts controlled by Rabbani.
"The Impact of Physician Order Entry on Nursing Roles." Proc AMIA Annu Fall Symp 1996, 714-7.
He added that Iran has in January 2013 signed an agreement with Argentina to cooperate in AMIA case but the Argentinian government is not ready to implement it.
Zuppi, is an Argentine attorney and professor of law, author of 'AMIA: An Ongoing Crime,' Red Penguin, 2018.
Nisman's body was discovered hours before he was to brief Congress on the bombing of the AMIA center.
Now, new revelations about a Hezbollah cold case from 1994 underscore the importance of rolling back the group's footprint in the region On July 19, 1994, the day after Hezbollah operatives blew up the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, the group sent a suicide bomber to take down a flight on Alas Chiricanas Airlines, a Panamanian commuter airliner carrying mostly Jewish passengers, including several Americans.