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the dominant and official language of Ethiopia

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There is support from the Habesha community to disseminate terminology in Amharic that describes stroke.
To further explore how urgently the respondents will seek emergency medical attention when stroke occurs, the term "Ye-Angol Tikat" in Amharic and the term "stroke" were used in the survey questions.
First, the survey was only produced in English, which presented a potential language barrier because some participants only spoke Amharic. There were 4 people on the research team who spoke Amharic and were able to provide translation when needed.
It is hoped that further research and introducing the term "Ye-Angol Tikat" in Amharic will help educate a substantial number of Amharic-speaking people nationwide regarding the devastating effect of stroke in loss of life and permanent disability.
Comparison of Responses for Nonmedical Respondents Versus Medical Respondents Questions Asked of Respondents Nonmedical Medical (mean) (mean) An Amharic term for stroke 1.50 1.51 is important.