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the dominant and official language of Ethiopia

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Wherever you go it seems there is a TV screen nearby on which South American or Korean soap stars in the throes of the latest dia- bolic crisis are proclaiming in impassioned Amharic.
If other North-East African historical traditions in languages such as Arabic receive the same in-depth treatment that De Lorenzi devotes to Ge'ez, Amharic and Tigrinya, the point could be made even more forcefully that it is 'imprecise to describe history as a sign of modernity--it was reimagined in the modern era.
The overall disappointment of the delegates was expressed by the sudden reaction of the Saho Qadi of Senafe and a delegate of the Democratic Front (formerly the Independence Bloc) who interrupted the message by shouting that Amharic was not an official language.
Wilbur (English, Amharic, Chinese, Arabic & French version).
Strangely the Italian version made Ethiopia a protectorate of Italy, completely different from the Amharic version.
The languages were chosen for different reasons: Cairene Arabic, because it is the best described of the Neo-Arabic varieties; Turoyo, because it is most abundantly documented; and Amharic because it is the modern Semitic language in which the StP constructions expanded the farthest.
The anger of the Falasha (exiles in Ethiopia's Amharic language) against "police racism" has exploded yesterday in Jerusalem when several hundred Ethiopian Jews, gathered in French Square, clashed with riot police agents.
Each one received an electronic device that includes a speaking Holy Quran for non-Arabic-speaking Muslims, which has the readings of the Holy Quran and translations into Tagalog, Mandarin, and Amharic.
He elaborated further saying: "Besides Arabic, French and Portuguese which are widely spoken in Africa, we find that of the languages most in demand when it comes to translation, Amharic, Swahili, Hausa, and Somali tops the list".
Even the smell was "Ethiopia" with a deacon swinging the incense and the priest taking the service in Ge ez (the religious language of Ethiopia) and Amharic (the official language) with English translation.
Reshet Bet -- Israel Radio's news station -- will remain on the air, but its seven sister stations, dedicated to Israeli and classical music, and featuring broadcasts in English, Arabic, Russian and Amharic, will be shut down.
A succession of feudal emperors, culminating with Haile Selassie, tried to foster and reinforce a sense of common Ethiopian identity by imposing Amharic as the lingua franca and by creating a formidable military establishment with the assistance of the United States.
A translator who speaks the suspect's native Amharic has been ordered to appear in the next hearing.
There were 52 USAICoE linguists who achieved 3/3, above the Army standard, on the most recent DLPT in Amharic, Arabic (4), Arabic-Moroccan, Arabic-Iraqi, Arabic-Sudanese (2), Chinese Mandarin (2), Korean (4), Persian Farsi (4), Portuguese, Pashto, Spanish (23), Russian (2), Tagalog (5) and Thai.
On the radio and online, Deutsche Welle is available in English, French, Hausa, Kiswahili, Amharic and Portuguese.