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the dominant and official language of Ethiopia

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Because of its word order, in Amharic StP and unmarked structures look alike (and occupy initial slots).
Loza and Gabre-Madhin, like most of the Ethiopia-born staff at eleni, switch from speaking flawless English to speaking Amharic and back again with astonishing ease.
Even the smell was "Ethiopia" with a deacon swinging the incense and the priest taking the service in Ge ez (the religious language of Ethiopia) and Amharic (the official language) with English translation.
A succession of feudal emperors, culminating with Haile Selassie, tried to foster and reinforce a sense of common Ethiopian identity by imposing Amharic as the lingua franca and by creating a formidable military establishment with the assistance of the United States.
A translator who speaks the suspect's native Amharic has been ordered to appear in the next hearing.
I could manage a basic conversation in Amharic, the official language (and one of many languages) of Ethiopia and I had visited the country three times previously.
There were 52 USAICoE linguists who achieved 3/3, above the Army standard, on the most recent DLPT in Amharic, Arabic (4), Arabic-Moroccan, Arabic-Iraqi, Arabic-Sudanese (2), Chinese Mandarin (2), Korean (4), Persian Farsi (4), Portuguese, Pashto, Spanish (23), Russian (2), Tagalog (5) and Thai.
On the radio and online, Deutsche Welle is available in English, French, Hausa, Kiswahili, Amharic and Portuguese.
Our mother tongue was Tigrinya (the language used in our classrooms in Eritrea), and our second language was Amharic (Ethiopia's national language).
Police later found the note in the 26-year-old's room written in Amharic (an Ethiopian dialect).
It's sung partly in the Ethiopian language of Amharic but don't be mistaken - it's no turgid church drone, the legendary rhythm section of Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar ensure the album is powered, not by faith alone, but by irresistible drums and bass.
My aliyah [which translates to "a look to the future," in Amharic ] was pretty tough," said Aynaw.
The allegations come less than two years after the Chinese government was accused of helping the Ethiopian government block news websites in Ethiopia and jam Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) and other broadcasters, including the Voice of America and Germany's Deutsche Welle Amharic service.
A book titled Iran compiled in Amharic language (a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia) was also unveiled during the ceremony.
The result is a series of book readings available to watch and listen to in 14 different languages including: Somali, Tamil, Burmese, Persian-Farsi, Dinka, Hindi, Khmer, Nuer, Amharic, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, French and English.